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Bartholet: New milestone in Cheong Do, South Korea

As of this summer, the Cheong Do tourist region will be enriched by a new leisure experience: the so-called “luge route” not only guarantees fun for young and old, but is also easily and comfortably accessible. The new fix clamped 4-seater chairlift from Bartholet transports up to 900 people per hour to the starting point of the route. The brilliant thing about the chairlift: thanks to a device, the “luges”, a kind of steerable sledge, can be automatically transported directly with the chair. Construction work on the new Swiss installation is in full swing.

The adventure of the new luge route begins with the ascent. The fix clamped 4-seater chairlift from Bartholet climbs around 182 metres in altitude and ends at an altitude of 323 metres above sea level. The journey time of about 10 minutes allows a special enjoyment of the panorama.

At the moment, the construction work is an ongoing process. The next planned step includes the assembly of the bottom and top stations. The commissioning is scheduled for the end of July. The system is also equipped for night-time operation and the illumination of the luge line is currently under discussion. Thus the luge adventure would also be possible at night.

The new attraction represents a further milestone in the tourist region. The region is not only known for its colourful light festivals, but also for the traditional bullfights. The new Bartholet chairlift is located right next to the well-known bullfight arena, where traditional bullfights are still held.

Technical data CLF4 Cheong Do:
Type of lift: 4-seater chairlift fix
Valley station: 141 m.a.s.l.
Top station: 323 m.a.s.l.
Altitude difference: 182 m
Inclined length: 628 m
Number of towers: 8
Number of vehicles: 82
Driving speed: 1 m/s
Driving time: 10 min. 48 sek.
Capacity: 910 Pers./h
Drive: 81 kW
Rope: 40 mm

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