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Welch Village: New Riblet Quad Chair Improvement Project

This past spring Welch Village contracted with Superior Tramway in Spokane, Washington, to help design and manufacture all new chairs for our two Riblet quad chairlifts, one on the east slopes, and one on the west slopes.  Superior Tramway is the leader in the ski industry in manufacturing chairlift parts for Riblet chairlifts. 

The new design of these chairs are exciting because of two important factors: 

1. The center post of the chair now curves behind the seat.  Therefore, there is no center post to dodge while loading & unloading.

2. In the coming days, we expect to have restraining bars delivered for all of the chairs. 

The current pandemic has forced many delays in manufacturing (and shipping) across the country and our industry is in short supply of companies like Superior Tramway.  As a result, the new chairs arrived a little later than expected. All of the chairs for one of our Riblet quads arrived this past week, on Wednesday afternoon, during the snowstorm.  Our leader in the lift department, Joe K, along with a couple dedicated employees, were able to install all the chairs for the east lift in time for today.  

In the coming days, we expect the chairs and parts for our West Riblet chairlift to arrive. We appreciate your patience as we improve and open these critical lifts to our operation.  We are excited about working with a company like Superior Tramway to find a solution  to move the center post of these chairs and make this lift much more accessible for more people, especially families with younger kids.

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