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CWSAA: February 2021 Newsletter

The ski industry can be proud of its effort this season to serve its constituents and communities.  The mammoth effort to prepare and open safely in our pandemic world, has only been exceeded by the constant oversight, adjustment, and enforcement of COVID protocols on a daily basis by ski area operators.  CWSAA has had the benefit of constant communication with officials across each jurisdiction, and it is clear the ski protocols have been noted and are regarded as a model for other sectors.  Authorities remain supportive of industry safety protocols, but are ever cognizant of variants of concern, vaccine delays, and societal COVID fatigue.  For this reason, the high level of due diligence by ski areas must continue through the balance of the season. 

For many sectors, the continuation of the federal wage subsidy (CEWS) is a priority.  As it did last fall, CWSAA with the Canadian Ski Council and ski association peers have started advocacy efforts to continue this program.  This is combined with a request to support infrastructure investments relevant to ski areas and surrounding communities.  Many federal resiliency funding opportunities have been available to assist business in the short-term as cited within this newsletter, and future programs are expected to help with mid-term economic recovery.

In the midst of continued ski operations, many ski areas are in their planning mode for the coming summer and next winter.  The CWSAA Online Bike Park Forum has been scheduled for March 3rd and will provide strong content for those operating bike parks.  In late April, the CWSAA Virtual Spring Conference will offer a platform to share and learn from industry peers.  The online nature of ski industry conferences across the continent provides opportunity for increased engagement this year.

CWSAA Virtual Spring Conference
Registration opens March 15.

Bike Park Online Forum
This next Online Industry Session is March 3.  Registration now open. 

Funding Opportunities
Learn about the Regional Relief and Recovery Fund, Canada United Small Business Relief Fund, and Alberta Working Parent Benefit 

Infrastructure Wins
Community Economic Recovery Infrastructure Program (CERIP) funding announcements. 

Destination BC Contest Launched
Share Your Love for BC Contest 

New Members
Welcome to new members: Secure-Rite Mobile Storage, Panomax Canada, Ski Wentworth (Nova Scotia) 

Selling a lift?  Several ski areas are looking for used lifts and equipment.  

Places & Faces
Tales of SROAM Success, drone aerial videos, Sasquatch grooming on TV, Shames gets 110cms! 

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