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CWSAA: March 2021 Newsletter

CEO Confessions

The end of spring break brings the close of ski season for many areas in the west, others close following Easter, and some will operate into at least May.  Regardless of the date, there is no easy wind-down to this season.  The latest COVID numbers highlight the necessity of the careful oversight successfully provided by operators this season.  As importantly, the constant due diligence demonstrated that the ski sector can safely operate for the communities they serve.  The fact the ski sector is in this position is due to the tireless efforts of area operators, staff and the many industry suppliers and partners through this past winter.

CWSAA is fortunate to have the rock solid guidance and knowledge of its Board of Directors.  Support has been unwavering and Directors have been active and instrumental in initiatives this year.  There is one Board position, however, that takes up more time than most as immediate past Chairs Andre Quenneville and Steve Paccagnan can attest.  Amidst a pandemic, the time obligation of the Chair of the Board has been amplified to new heights.  Thankfully, Andy Cohen has been there in spades for the industry and Association.  Presumably he signed on to serve the Board, lend his extensive experience to strategic discussions, and contribute to the greater good of the industry.  I doubt however that anyone could fully entertain the scope of calls from the many time zones and regions, the barrage of correspondence he was expected to offer opinion on, the emotional energy required to consider critical industry decisions that directly impacted the start and continued operation of the western Canadian ski sector, and being a constant sounding board and limitless source of support for the CEO and other industry colleagues.  Even in a year of chaos, it was unusual for more than an hour to elapse before Andy responded to any CWSAA message.  And on top of that, Andy had his own team within RCR and Fernie to motivate, inspire, and lead through the unknown.  If you have a moment, please say thanks to Andy…your ‘volunteer’ Chair of the Board and Canada West Ski Areas Association.

In closing, and if you will allow me, there is also a small group I would like to thank personally via this platform.  Up until this week, it had been 13 months since I had last seen my team in person.  The daily and often hourly calls helped bridge the gap, and it is to the full credit of Dawn, Cynthia, and Bruno that they seamlessly adjusted to the new norm.  Over the past year each have continued to serve the industry and CWSAA with steadfast resilience and commitment.  My sincerest appreciation.

CWSAA Virtual Spring Conference
Registration is now open!  Register before April 15 for early bird savings.  

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BC Tourism Industry Conference
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Ski Area year end reporting.


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