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SCHNEESTERN & PRINOTH cooperated at the „Nike Chosen Sessions“

The internationally renowned shape team of SCHNEESTERN was responsible for the design and build-up of the thitherto most innovative snowpark worldwide. The snowpark was specially developed for the event „Nike Chosen Sessions“ which took place in the beginning of April 2012. To realize this project SCHNEESTERN was supported with snowcats by PRINOTH.

From 01 to 07 April 2012 one of the most innovative and significant global snowboard events of all time - the „Nike Chosen Sessions“ - was held in Silvretta Montafon, Austria.

During the period of one week 13 of the best amateur riders from the United States, China and Europe as well as the international team of professional Nike athletes like the threetime world champion Peetu Piiroinen (FIN) and multiple X-Games medalist Danny Kass (USA) came together.

The most innovative snowpark ever became reality

The aim of this event was to produce unique visual content in the best snowpark in the world. In the largest social media project in winter sports of all times, photos and videos were shown exclusively live to the global audience; further TV and print reports are going to follow in the running time of the next few weeks and months. With the design as well as the build-up of the unique snowpark setup, the internationally renowned company SCHNEESTERN was commissioned. To build the snowpark, 120.000 cubic meters of natural snow were collected over a period of more than two months before the event had started. A team of 27 of the best European shapers around the SCHNEESTERN CEO and head designer Dirk Scheumann invested a total of 7.000 working hours. The dimensions and the uniqueness of the snowpark setup are perfectly represented by the teaser video which was filmed during the constrution phase

Nike Chosen Sessions - Park Unveiling from Nike Snowboarding on Vimeo.

Strong support by PRINOTH

The project was supported by the partner PRINOTH which provided eight snowcats of different types for effective and efficient working. Thus e.g. the PRINOTH BEAST with its enormous engine power and the large shield was a big help and the guarantor for reducing the hours of snow collecting from 700 to 300. For modeling the creative and challenging snowpark several PRINOTH BISON X snowcats were in use, too. The SCHNEESTERN team would like to thank PRINOTH for the trust and huge support.

For further information about the "Nike Chosen Sessions" please feel free to visit the website


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