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Midwest Ski Areas Association
The resource for Midwest skiing and regional ski area information.
Ski Area Management Magazine
Trade magazine (6x a year) for the owners and operators of mountain resorts in North America and worldwide.
Society of Ropeway Technicians (SORT)
Extensive ropeway maintenance information sharing - over 500 members. Information is free and is not open to the general public.
California Ski Industry Association (CSIA)

Canada West Ski Areas Association

The British Ski Slope Operators Association

Australian Ski Areas Association

North American Snowsports Journalists Association

Association Ropeways of Slovenia

Finnish ski area association

Associated Wire Rope Fabricators

International organization for for the study of the endurance of ropes

Canadian Ski Council

International Ski Federation

German Association of Ropeway Operators

SNTF - French association of ropeway operators

Swiss Association of Ropeway Operators

Italian association of ropeway operators

Austrian Association of ropeway Operators

National Ski Areas Association, USA

International organisation for transportation by rope

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