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Axess launches a range of innovative products for the winter season

At the beginning of November, the entire worldwide sales force of Axess AG assembled for a three-day Sales Academy at the companyís headquarters in the town of Anif in the Austrian State of Salzburg. Both new and tried and tested specialist access products were presented internally.†† Axessís aim is to offer ski regions smart complete solutions which are delivered from a single source. Operator efficiency and greater comfort for skiing holiday makers both play a crucial role in this regard, and for this reason the interplay between software and hardware products was a particular focus of the sales meeting.

Axess CONNECT links a ski region with its visitors

Axess CONNECT is a state-of-the-art marketing toolkit for the age of smart communication. It provides skiing holiday makers with a convenient way of ordering tickets, obtaining information on topics such as lifts, the weather and events and even of getting involved with gaming and social media. The white label Axess CONNECT.APP now enables these features and a host of further benefits to be supplied directly to a skierís smart phone. It is fully adapted to the corporate design of the ski region† At the request of the customer, individual services can be integrated without any difficulty at all. At Axess, we customise solutions.

A smart valley station which works by using a single ticket at all touch points

The valley station of the future will enable you to proceed directly to the ski slopes from your car, aeroplane, hotel or train† in the most straightforward way possible and without having to queue. The complete solutions offered by Axess enable ski visitors to book their tickets, lockers and full sets of equipment via smart phone. Once they arrive, all they need to do is pick up their ticket from the cash desk or from the practical new Axess PICK UP BOX 600 self-service ticket station. They simply hold their voucher or smart phone ticket under a reading device, and the ticket is in their hand in a matter of seconds. The Axess RESORT.LOCKER means that the ticket also acts as a personal locker key. If skiers wish to hire any equipment before getting changed, this can be easily arranged via the ticket and the new Axess RESORT.RENTAL.† Then itís off to the slopes. If it turns out that further training sessions are required, a ski instructor can be booked via Axess RESORT.SKISCHOOL, of course once again using the ski ticket. In future, skiing holiday makers will merely need to collect a ticket from a single touch point in order to be able to enjoy all the benefits of the ski region they are visiting.††

The Axess Sales Team is working across the world from Los Angeles to Tokyo to bring these products to market together with many other innovations besides.††

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