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Bartholet Ropeways: First season on Pizol, Corvatsch, Oberalp and in Kandersteg

This summer, Bartholet Ropeways built 4 facilities in Switzerland; three detachable 6-passenger chair lifts with the proven “Design by Porsche Design Studio” chairs and a ski lift in Kandersteg. The Curtinella chair lift on the Corvatsch is already in operation, while the chair lifts on the Oberalp and Pizol and the ski lift in Kandersteg will follow the coming days.

Bartholet Ropeways has thus increased its presence on the domestic market considerably.

Pizol chair lift

From the beginning of winter 2016/17, transport in the Pizol skiing area in the canton of St. Gallen will be much more comfortable. The old ski lift has been replaced by a cuttingedge, comfortable 6-passenger chair lift. The facility features comfortable Porsche Design seats with weather-protection hoods. Bartholet Ropeways has built light, fully enclosed standard stations – both for the upper and the lower station. In addition to the lower station, the company erected a building that houses the automatic garaging of the chairs.

Curtinella chair lift

The Engadin also has a new ski attraction. The 6-passenger Curtinella chair lift is the new face of the Corvatsch-Furtschellas ski region. The facility is 2,200 m long and thus one of the longest in the entire canton of Graubünden. It provides a quick link between Corvatsch and Furtschellas as well as access to a real dream slope. Up until last year, an old ski lift built in 1979 was in use here. The new facility is 750 meters longer and has a transport capacity of 2,400 people per hour – double what it was before. With the Curtinella chairlift, Bartholet Ropeways has built another fast system with a speed of 6 m/s.

The Curtinella valley station is a simple construction made of steel and plenty of wood. It has a modern appearance and fits perfectly into the landscape even though it is 27 m long and 8 m high. Before work on the Curtinella lower station could start, around 16,000 m3 of material had to be removed first. In the spring, the cliff head was still covered in grass. In order to protect the vegetation in the best way possible and not spoil the landscape, the material had to be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Oberalp Calmut chair lift

This summer, one of the most modern 6-passenger chair lifts was built on the boundary between the cantons Graubünden and Uri. The construction of the Oberalp Calmut chair lift is an important step towards connecting the Andermatt and Sedrun skiing areas. With the new Bartholet facility, the Skiarena Andermatt-Sedrun now has a second “lighthouse” on the Oberalp pass. The beautifully designed facility allows passengers to travel to the Piz Calmut in great comfort. The “Porsche” chairs are equipped with heated seats. Not only the chairs but also the valley and top stations stand out with their diamond-shape design developed by the renowned architect’s office Maurusfrei.

Kandersteg ski lift

This summer, Bartholet Ropeways built a new ski lift in the Oeschinensee skiing area near Kandersteg. The old ski lift has been replaced by a new, modern surface lift. The new lift is also more suitable for use by less experienced skiers. In other parts of the skiing area too, improvements have been made to the terrain and the ascent has been optimized to make it attractive to beginners, families and people who are getting back into skiing. Bartholet Ropeways was awarded the contract because the customer “Gondelbahnen Kandersteg-Oeschinensee AG” wanted to enlist a Swiss company. Bartholet Ropeways operates a BMF service point at the sister company Gangloff Cabins in Seftigen near Kandersteg. The operators are very happy with the new facility and they are looking forward to the start of the new season at Christmas.

Val Thorens

Another 6-passenger chair lift went into operation at the beginning of December in Val Thorens, France.

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