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Supersnow: Centralized control system of snowmaking

The climate of the XXI century is still very variable. The last winter seasons have been relatively warm and snow production on the slopes is being performed under increasingly difficult conditions.†

Every minute is important for the owners of a ski resort, to appropriately set up the machine and to produce the maximum amount of snow at the very best quality. In the case of manual snowguns, the adjustment of snowing parameters according to the fluctuating weather conditions consumes a lot of laborious time. By using our Snowmatic centralized snowmaking system and the newest Supersnow 900 Automatic snowgun every slope will be able to enjoy a successful winter.

Snowmatic is a centralized snowmaking control system, designed according to the specific needs of each customer. The system designed to control the operation of all snowmaking devices. The system designed to control automatic snowguns and pumps. The software makes it easy to manage the entire automatic snowmaking system and allows you to monitor and control all the devices and facilitates to implement the snow strategy on the slope.†
With the help of the software you can enable, disable, and set up all the parameters of each snowgun and control its snowmaking operation. The system controls the operation of pumping station and monitors its performance in real time selecting the operating pressure and flow with maximum energy savings.

The system generates all the parameters relating to weather conditions on the slope, such as temperature, humidity, speed and wind direction. The positioning system controls the setting of the machine to ensure the protection against wrong direction of the wind. Real statistics provide clear and transparent presentation of all parameters and the possibility of monitoring. The professional notification system immediately informs the authorised person about occurred events. The system archives parameters of all devices up to two years. System analysis tools can visualise mileage of the devices.†

Fully automatic and autonomous operation of the system is possible after setting up operating parameters: the operator should only switch on and off the system, Snowmatic does all the rest. All processes in manual mode have their counterpart in the automatic mode. The software controls the productivity of all machines to create the highest snow production by adjusting the efficiency according to weather conditions.

The above Ė mentioned functions are only a short description of what can Snowmatic do. Its flexibility allows to customize the functions according to the customerís needs.

You can connect to the automatic snowmaking system via Internet to manage the snowmaking process on the slopes from anywhere in the world with a laptop, tablet or smartphone, and the SMS system will provide you with any information about interesting you events.†
Automatic system in the current climate is very important for an efficiency operation on the slope. Warming climate gives less and less time on producing snow, so the machines must be used with maximum capacity. Efficient parameter setting and analysis of the current work of each snowgun is a guarantee for a perfectly snowy slope and for customerís satisfaction.

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