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The new LEITNER ropeways station with Pininfarina design

Top design meets functional handling

With the new station, LEITNER ropeways is going several steps further than other manufacturers yet again. The design, bearing the hallmarks of Italian design firm Pininfarina, meets the company’s high standards for form, innovation and technology in every way. In particular, it emphasizes maximum operational and maintenance functionality. Impressive technical and design innovations make the station a real all-rounder.

Even at first glance, the far wider station roofing is apparent, completely covering the vehicles passing underneath. This makes travel more comfortable for passengers, thanks to the optimized rain and snow protection. The sophisticated shape minimizes the snow and wind loads. That prevents the entire structure, including the foundations, being exposed to unnecessary additional loads. In addition to this, the design is dominated by glass surfaces, which extend far lower down than previously. This new feature makes the interior of the station even brighter and more friendly, offering a clear benefit for maintenance work.

The new water draining system is the perfect synthesis of design and sophisticated engineering. Unlike the standard ducts on the exterior of stations, the water in the new LEITNER ropeways station is now routed through the interior of the structure into a shaft. That keeps the station free of water or ice, and prevents uncontrolled drainage, which is often not permitted for geological reasons.

Sophisticated, comfortable and safe 

LEITNER ropeways also focuses on functional innovations to make working in the station even more practical and safer. The ventilation system was designed to allow it to be adapted to requirements and climatic conditions. That means that the ventilation components can be varied in number and position and be swiveled out either at the top or bottom, automatically or manually. As a result, the ventilation output is almost infinitely variable. Access to the roof has also been redesigned, as it can now be reached from inside the station. What makes that special is that the ropeway service staff do not have to climb onto the roof through a roof hatch. The new angle of the roofing now allows a ladder to be attached to the window at the inside, and the new opening direction makes access to the roof convenient and safe.

The ascent into the interior of the station is also far safer and easier. The steps are now at an angle of just 45 degrees and run from the front to the rear of the station. The access stairs are far safer for two reasons: the stairs are accessed from the area where the vehicles travel slowest, and the ascent is more comfortable as the stairs are less steep. 

More advantages for staff and winter sports enthusiasts 

The new station design including the longer covering also makes cable control easier. A larger, visible area of approx. 2 meters in length is now available for this. In this area, visual or automatic cable checks can be performed under ideal conditions with maximum safety and convenience. In addition to this, in the rear of the station, there is more space for setting up an integrated maintenance platform, which can be used for a station garaging system, among other things.

The new design also offers new options for passenger information systems. For example, display panels can be attached to special mounts on the exterior of the station, and then used for individual communication.

Overall, the new station by LEITNER ropeways in cooperation with Pininfarina impresses with technological innovation and the sophisticated advances in ease of maintenance and functionality. Combined with an attractive design, this is another product with advantages for everyone: companies, staff and winter sports enthusiasts.


New LEITNER station: 

  • Design by Pininfarina 
  • Safer maintenance work 
  • Functional innovations for practical use in the station 
  • More passenger comfort 

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