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Hermitage Club Threatened with Water and Sewer Shutoff

The owner of the private Haystack ski area is facing significant financial problems.

More evidence of financial woes at the Hermitage Club have emerged, as VTDigger reports that Haystack ski area and other properties are "in jeopardy of losing water and sewer operations" for not paying its bills and "must pay $89,289 by Jan. 3 to avoid having services shut off."

VTDigger also reports that "Hermitage defaulted on a $117,485 payment owed to the Vermont Municipal Bond Bank in November."

In October, Hermitage announced it was imposing an immediate $10,000 fee on members to pay down debt.

A single membership at the Hermitage currently costs $80,000 plus $4,750 in annual fees.

Located in the Deerfield Valley near Mount Snow, the club features the Haystack ski area, a golf course, and numerous inns and restaurants. Hermitage founder Jim Barnes acquired the defunct Haystack ski area in October 2011 and soon installed two new quad chairlifts. An 80,000 square foot lodge was constructed for 2014-15 and a $7.3 million heated, high speed detachable six person chairlift for 2015-16.

Source: "NewEnglandSkiIndustry.com"


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