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Gallery Retrofitting for the Conveyor belt

There are many good reasons to equip the Sunkid conveyor belt with one of the available galleries. The guests surely see the greatest benefit in protection from wind and weather during the ride. The operator in turn is most happy about the lower maintenance effort. 
The Sunkid galleries can be retrofitted on the Sunkid conveyor belt even after many years, by the way – as the example of Hinterstoder (AUT) proves.  

Three conveyor belts with a total length of nearly 170 metres were installed in the Hössboden area in Hinterstoder to return people to the mountain station in 2009. After the conveyor belt had paid off greatly for many years, the Bergbahnen Hinterstoder decided to further increase comfort for their guests and invest in retrofitting of the EVOLUS gallery.

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