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REDAELLI supplies the ropes for the new cable car 35-ATW Postal - Verano in the province of Bolzano (Italy)

During the month of January 2017 Redaelli Tecna spa supplied from its plant in Gardone Val Trompia in Italy the tracking and hauling ropes for the new cable car 35-ATW Postal - Verano that is at present being built.in the province of Bolzano, Italy.

This cable car will connect the afore said municipalities, located near the town of Merano. It will replace the existing small ex Hoelz cable car built in the fifties, that showed to be not any more adequate for the high number of tourists visiting the area and also increased number of urban commuters.

The ropes supplied by Redaelli Tecna spa for this project were 4 full locked blank tracking ropes of 40mm diameter and 2.470m length each, 2 galvanised hauling ropes, respectively 24mm x 2.275m and 28mm x 2.280m. These last ropes are the very well known Redaelli Redmont 7K ropes (7 strand compacted). Moreover, also the rescue rope (Redmont 619 17mm x 4.500m) and the signalling rope (12x7 26mm x 2.220m) have been supplied for this project.

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