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Poland’s top ski resorts choose LEITNER ropeways

Four new projects for the upcoming winter season

The Szczyrkowski ski resort is not only one of the largest, but also one of the most popular resorts in winter sports Poland. Most of all, guests love the region’s long and varied slopes, which range from beginner-friendly to FIS-tested. Together with LEITNER ropeways, the operators are starting a comprehensive modernization project with the construction of three new ropeways, while LEITNER ropeways is also building another installation in Szczyrk for COS (Centralny Ośrodek Sportu Szczyrk). This combined construction program enhances LEITNER ropeways’ market position in Eastern Europe.

In Szczyrkowski, the operators are upgrading the infrastructure comprehensively. One ropeway in the largest current ropeway project in Poland is the GD10 gondola lift powered by DirectDrive “Parkovisko – Hala Skrzyczeńska”, which will provide comfort and transport capacity as an additional connecting ropeway from the center of the village. In addition, when the new ropeway is commissioned, it will run all-year round, making the ski resort appreciably more attractive. LEITNER ropeways is also building two 6-seater chairlifts in the ski resort. The “CD6C Solisko – Hala Skrzyczeńska” will replace an old installation and offer state-of-the-art transport on the existing route. For example, the chairlift has seat heating and individual footrests; the LEITNER ropeways DirectDrive guarantees that the system runs sustainably, reliably and silently. An identically equipped blue version will be built alongside the new chairlift with yellow bubbles, the “CD6C Solisko – Hala Pośrednia”.

The operating company SON (Szczyrkowski Ośrodek Narciarsk S.A.) expects the comprehensive upgrades too boost guest figures: “After the first expansion stage, we expect more than half a million, and 800,000 skiers next year,” says Július Vinter, CEO of SON parent company TMR.

LEITNER ropeways’ fourth project in Poland is a 4-seater chairlift, “CD4C Szczyrk – Jaworzyna” in Szczyrk for the operating company COS. After construction of the second section in 2013, section 1 is now being built to replace an existing 2-seater chairlift. Its features include DirectDrive, individual footrests, the CPS rope-monitoring system and – as already in 2013 – the design with yellow bubbles. 

The Szczyrk resort aims to replace the old surface lifts with modern installations over the next two years. The existing slopes are also to be expanded and new restaurants and bars are to be built. This will create valuable new jobs in the region, and also promote the development of winter and summer tourism.

Technical data:

CD6C Solisko – Hala Skrzyczeńska

Length: 1615.41 m
Vertical distance: 349 m
Speed: 5 m/s
Capacity: 2400 P/h
Number of chairs/cabins: 77
Number of towers: 11

CD6C Solisko – Hala Pośrednia

Length: 1386.23 m
Vertical distance: 341 m
Speed: 5 m/s
Capacity: 2400/3000 P/h
Number of chairs/cabins: 66/83
Number of towers: 11

GD10 Parkovisko – Hala Skrzyczeńska

Length: 1488.41 m
Vertical distance: 410 m
Speed: 6 m/s
Capacity: 3000 P/h
Number of chairs/cabins: 51
Number of towers: 10
CD4C Szczyrk – Jaworzyna

Length: 1576.65 m
Vertical distance: 406.1 m
Speed: 5 m/s
Capacity: 2400 P/h
Number of chairs/cabins: 112
Number of towers: 10

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