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The conveyor belt as part of the mobility concept

Comfortable transport solutions in the catchment zone of the skiing area

Stressed-out parents and their children are trying to surmount the inclination from the parking place towards the valley station in complete skiing equipment. Their helmets are swinging from their hands. Their skis and poles seem to develop lives of their own as they walk. The children are stumbling along gloomily. The same happens on the way from the town core to the cable way, or on the way back home to the hotel. The uncomfortable walk from and to the valley station certainly is liked by few also in light of safety aspects such as slippery ice and similar.

There are other options! Integrating the conveyor belt into a destination's mobility concept makes annoying climbs up and down in the catchment zone of a skiing area irrelevant. Guests will positively remember the comfort offered by the person conveyor belt, which can even be fitted with a motorised handrail for steeper climbs or slopes, bringing relief in particular to persons who have problems walking. Passengers can be protected from wind and weather by roofing over the conveyor belt with a gallery in a visually customised design. The conveyor belt can be operated in any weather and optionally sunk into the ground as a permanent installation for year-round use.

Examples of implemented projects along the fringes of a skiing area:

Parking place to valley station
Bridge crossings
Access to gastronomy
Return to the lift station
Connecting skiing areas
Glacier to mountain station

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