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34 new apprentices start their training at Doppelmayr

For 34 apprentices, September 1, 2017, marks the beginning of their vocational training and the start of a promising career path at Doppelmayr. During their apprenticeships, the youngsters will acquire specialist knowledge and skills in the various metal and electrical trades, which will later be employed in the construction of ropeways around the globe. The international environment in which the company operates offers exciting opportunities in the world of work. For many of today’s employees, an apprenticeship at Doppelmayr laid the foundation for a rewarding career.

Since the very early days of the company, Doppelmayr has always placed great emphasis on the training of young people. Apprentices gain valuable knowledge in the areas of metalworking and electrical engineering, which is applied in the construction of ropeways. 29 boys and 5 girls began their apprenticeships in steel construction, electrical engineering, mechatronics, machining engineering and mechanical engineering at Doppelmayr on September 1, 2017. This means the company is now training a total of 104 apprentices at its premises in Wolfurt – a record in the history of the company.

The training program is very varied. As part of a rotation system, apprentices get to know different departments and sections, enabling them to find out where their strengths lie, where they can make optimal use of their skills and what they like doing. At the same time, the instructors can then pinpoint where to promote these skills and talents. They all know what it takes as all the instructors in the team began their professional lives with an apprenticeship at Doppelmayr. They went on to prepare themselves for the responsible role as instructors by undergoing technical and teaching courses. The combination of these many years of experience and modern technology ensures that our apprentices can look forward to excellent career opportunities for the future with a company that operates worldwide.

Doppelmayr will again be taking on apprentices in the next year. Anyone interested in starting their training with Doppelmayr can contact Mrs Renate Prinz from Apprentice Training. Application by telephone: 05574/604-1059 (if possible Monday through Thursday before noon), email: renate.prinz@doppelmayr.com. Between mid-January and late March 2018, apprenticeship taster days will be offered for school pupils. Registration for these events will start in November online at lehre-bei-doppelmayr.at

Facts and figures on apprentice training at Doppelmayr:

34 new apprentices 2017 
  • 14 in metal engineering (steel construction engineering) 
  • 4 in metal engineering (mechanical engineering) 
  • 6 in metal engineering (machining engineering) 
  • 3 in mechatronics 
  • 7 in electrical engineering (systems and industrial engineering)
Total of 104 apprentices in the program:
  • 10 female apprentices 
  • 94 male apprentices

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