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Wyssen Avalanche Control wins prestigious Prix Montagne 2017

Innovative and successful products for the safety of persons wow the jury

Projects that have been successfully implemented in Swiss mountain regions can be nominated for the Prix Montagne award, which was launched in 2011. The assessment criteria for the competing projects are achieving commercial success over the last three years at minimum, making a contribution to value creation and employment or to economic diversity in a mountain region, and having the potential to serve as a model for other projects. Boasting CHF 40,000 in prize money, the Prix Montagne 2017 was awarded by a high caliber jury including representatives from ETH Zurich, SAB, Switzerland Tourism, and the former ski racer Bernhard Russi. As jury member Sandra Weber noted, “Wyssen Avalanche skillfully blends its employees’ age-old knowledge of snow and avalanches with cutting edge technologies, enabling it to sell its products worldwide. The team from the Bernese Highlands has once again made a terrific impression.” Bernhard Russi added: “With innovative ideas and unceasing commitment, the Wyssen team enjoys worldwide success and creates welcome jobs in the mountain region. We have awarded them the Prix Montagne in honor of these achievements.” Sam Wyssen, CEO of Wyssen Avalanche Control AG, said that the company primarily considered the award to be “a major show of appreciation for our dedicated employees, who put in outstanding performances every day to guarantee the safety of persons in mountain regions.”

High tech avalanche protection to ensure safety

Wyssen Avalanche Control AG provides innovative high tech products and solutions to ensure avalanche protection for ski resorts, roads, and railroad lines. The Wyssen avalanche tower is the core product of the company. Unrivalled in the sector in terms of its effectiveness and reliability, it is used for preventive blasting of avalanches. This is performed as an online, remote controlled operation using a dedicated app. The product range also includes avalanche detection systems, software solutions (WAC.3), and services in the field of risk management (wyssen risk solutions), all underpinned by Swiss quality in terms of reliability and dependable 24/7 support. Serafin Siegele, Head of the Ischgl Avalanche Commission, stated: “We have used or tested almost every avalanche blasting system, and the Wyssen avalanche towers are unmatched in their reliability, speed, and effectiveness. We also work with WAC.3, which is full of innovations!”

Award as an incentive for further development of export markets

Already the market leader in Switzerland and Austria, Wyssen tapped into two new markets last year in the form of Norway and Canada. The prize money will now be used specifically to help conquer additional export markets such as Chile and the USA.

About Wyssen

Wyssen has constructed systems for preventive avalanche release since the 1970s. Wyssen Avalanche Control AG was founded in 2009 as a subsidiary of Wyssen Seilbahnen AG. The company is the market leader in the field of controlled avalanche release in Switzerland, Austria and Norway and has installed 360 avalanche towers in 4 countries to date.

Products: Blasting installations, detection systems, software solutions, risk management for avalanche protection
Employees: 20
Management: Sam and Christian Wyssen
Sites: Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Canada, Chile


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