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Horseshoe Resort Invests One Million Dollars in Snowmaking Improvements

Mother Nature can be unpredictable at times, which is why we decided to take things into our own hands for the upcoming winter season. Why wait for it to snow when we can go ahead and make lots of it ourselves! Want to spend more time on the slopes this year? No problem. Not only will we be able to open our hills earlier this season, we will also be able to keep them open longer.

How exactly are we going to do this? At the beginning of the summer, construction began on two projects integral to the resortís improved snowmaking abilities: Lake Horseshoe, a man-made lake conveniently located at the bottom of the ski hills, and a new 2500ft underground snowmaking pipe system (2500ft is equivalent to 7 football fields!)

Lake Horseshoe officially opened at the beginning of August and has been a welcome addition to the resort. Nothing says summer like a refreshing dip in the lake! While there wonít be anyone swimming in the lake during the winter months, it will still be getting lots of use. There are 12 million gallons of water in Lake Horseshoe, 8.5 of which will be pumped through the new underground pipes for making snow throughout the winter season. On top of the new water source that Lake Horseshoe provides, we will still have access to the pond across the street from the resort, DOUBLING our snowmaking abilities. Lots of water means lots of snow, and lots of snow means lots of skiing and snowboarding!

If opening earlier and ending the season later isnít exciting enough, we also donít have to worry about shutting down if we are met with warmer days over the winter. If the snow starts to melt, we have Lake Horseshoe to save the day! Itís going to be an exciting winter at Horseshoe Resort and we canít wait to for the season to get started.

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