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Ski Vermont is Hiring a New President

President, Ski Vermont / Vermont Ski Areas Association

Job Description

Ski Vermont / the Vermont Ski Areas Association (VSAA) is a non-profit trade association serving the interests of Vermontís ski industry since 1969 in three primary areas: governmental affairs, marketing and public relations. The President reports to the board of directors, which is made up of 10 members from ski areas of all sizes throughout Vermont. The VSAA office is located at 26 State Street, Montpelier, Vermont.

The President champions and communicates the organizationís mission and relevance; is responsible for the organizationís financial stability; and engages, communicates and collaborates with the industry, government leaders, and related organizations.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities†

The successful candidate will be tasked with the implementation of the following areas of responsibility:

Board & Member Relations†

Work closely with the board of directors to continuously evaluate the associationís mission and initiatives.

Serve as an effective advocate/spokesperson for the Vermont ski industry.

Provide vision and leadership in establishing strategies, objectives, and procedures for carrying out the mission.†

Be a thoughtful listener, respond appropriately to membersí needs, and maintain a cohesive membership.


Ensure that VSAAís operations are fiscally sound, governance is transparent, and the integrity of the association is always maintained.

Manage and oversee staff implementation of VSAAís marketing and communications efforts.

Ensure the adequacy and soundness of the organizationís financial health by overseeing the organizationís financial systems and practices, and ensuring compliance with all fiduciary responsibilities associated with a 501(c) (6) entity.

Establish and maintain an effective organization by hiring and managing a competent and qualified staff.

External Relations†

Understand the current political and regulatory climate in Vermont in order to advance and protect the interests of Vermontís ski areas. Specific areas of focus include environmental law, tax policy, employment issues, tourism funding and state land leases with ski areas.

Serve as the primary spokesperson for relations with the media, government agencies, trade association conferences and college class presentations in order to put the Vermont ski industry in the most positive light.

Stay abreast of issues that are likely to affect the membership and develop strategies to address them in proactive manner.

Required Background and Experience†

Qualified candidates for the position of VSAA President will have a proven track record in governmental affairs with Vermontís legislature and regulatory agencies. Experience in the areas of executive leadership, strategic planning, marketing, public relations and budget management are a plus. In addition, the following skill sets will be critical for the successful candidate:

Ability to read, analyze, and interpret legislation and regulations, financial reports, and legal documents.

Experience with, and passion for, the ski and snowboard industry. The President must be prepared to address all industry issues in a knowledgeable, competent, and positive manner.

Superior communication skills, both written and oral.

Ability to represent VSAAís vision, mission, goals, and outcome to board members, association members, and governmental agencies.

A collaborative working style demonstrating confidence that moves others to action through planning, motivation and organization.

Self-motivated with the ability to work well independently as well as part of a team, and the ability to provide leadership within the association environment.
Interested candidates can submit resumes to info@skivermont.com

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