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Leitner Group expands Vipiteno production facility

Demaclenko will relocate to Vipiteno next year

This move will make the Leitner Group production facility in Vipiteno even bigger and more significant. The new DEMACLENKO company building, adjacent to the existing production facilities of LEITNER ropeways and PRINOTH, will be completed by fall 2018. From 2018 on, snowmaking systems will also be developed in Vipiteno, in addition to ropeways and snow groomers. The group of companies is investing a total of roughly 25 million Euros at the Vipiteno site.

The excavation work in Unterackern near Vipiteno started a few weeks ago after the Leitner Group reached an agreement to this effect with the province of Bolzano. First, a new access road to the industrial area and a rotary are being built along Jaufenstraße, enlarging the entire site. These construction measures are essential, particularly for safety reasons, due to the increasing traffic in this area. The upgrades to the access road are to be completed by March 2018, which will allow the second construction phase to start.

The relocation of the road increases the overall company group’s site size from 90,000 to 104,000 m². Construction work on the new part of the site will start in April 2018, and is slated for completion in fall 2018. The new production facility for Demaclenko will be 2,650 m² in size, the new office area will be 1,340 m² and there will also be a 450 m² roofed outdoor area. Accordingly, Demaclenko will leave its current location in Chiusa, and partially shut down the Selva Gardena facility, and expand the production area and office space significantly with the new Vipiteno facility. In addition to this, Demaclenko will increase its staff level to 120 employees.

Demaclenko has been part of the Leitner Group since 2011, and achieved constant turnover and headcount growth since then (2011, turnover of 13 million Euros, while the final figure for 2016 was 50 million; the growth trend will continue in 2017). Relocating to Vipiteno confirms the snowmaking experts’ key role on the market and will allow the company to grow further thanks to new synergies at the company group’s headquarters. With the employees of Demaclenko, Prinoth and Leitner ropeways, the Vipiteno site will host roughly 1,000 employees. This relocation will allow Demaclenko’s employees to benefit even more from the diverse leisure and cultural services the group of companies organizes exclusively for its employees during the year at the Vipiteno site.

The group of companies is investing a total of 25 million Euros to expand the Vipiteno site and on new state-of-the-art machinery for producing ropeways in Vipiteno.

DEMACLENKO has been part of the Leitner Group since 2011. Demaclenko plans, develops, produces and sells turnkey snowmaking systems and system components perfectly tailored to individual customer needs and geographical conditions. Demaclenko now relies on the expertise of more than 100 highly qualified employees who are dedicated and passionate about their work day after day. Demaclenko operates around the world through 5 different branches in Europe and the USA and an established network of dealers and sales partners in Europe, Asia and Oceania. In 2017, Demaclenko produced more than 2,000 snow guns again, reconfirming the positive trend with turnover of roughly € 50 million. As part of the LEITNER Group, Demaclenko has long been a leading company in the sector and is well on its way to building its lead in the future. 

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