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Absolutely reliable

Products by LEITNER ropeways meet top quality, innovation and functionality standards. To ensure that the systems live up to these standards in day-to-day operation, spare parts must also be absolutely reliable. As for many other projects, the following applies for ropeway installations in particular: the original is still the best! Customers are on the safe side with spare parts by LEITNER ropeways and benefit from a series of exclusive services: from excellent advice and OEM quality to one stop shopping. For customers, trouble-free system operation is among the most important commercial criteria and requirements for manufacturers. LEITNER ropeways not only supports you as partners when installing new systems, it has also established a comprehensive portfolio in the service and spare parts sector. These services ensure maximum safety and reliability. Customers appreciate the long service life of the original spare parts in particular. In addition to this, the LEITNER ropeways team knows the special features of every individual system. That creates an all-round service package, that offers customers maximum performance with a minimal workload. 

Save costs, increase operating safety

LEITNER original spare parts are perfectly coordinated in quality and precision fit for systems, and protect against costly downtime in the long term. The components help save costs and minimize the frequency of part replacement. However, the service package only works if it is backed up by the right expertise. Experienced service experts ensure that the components required are identified rapidly and available worldwide at the respective destination. This is true even for older systems, for which LEITNER ropeways maintains a comprehensive stock of spare parts.

One stop shopping – Everything from a single source

LEITNER ropeways boosts safety and reliability with a range of customer-friendly services. That starts with the premium quality of the spare parts, whose value for money guarantees exceptional part quality at attractive prices. The spare parts produced directly by the manufacturer impress with the safe and far more reliable operation. To ensure customers can obtain the components they need as quickly and rapidly as possible, LEITNER ropeways has perfected the “one stop shopping” principle. The entire range of original LEITNER spare parts can be ordered in a single step, without having to search for replica components from other providers. The rapid worldwide availability of components is another advantage for customers, and is assured by the company’s tight sales and warehouse network. Last but not least, the LEITNER ropeways spare parts service impresses with its excellent technical support, headed up by experienced technology experts. LEITNER ropeways is your reliable partner for sales and operation of all spare and high-use parts required for LEITNER systems of any generation.

State-of-the-art services, top quality and attractive prices – a combination that also impressed Tomáš Markoči, CTO in the Tatranská Lomnica ski resort, Slovakia: “When we need spare parts for our LEITNER ropeways system, we mainly choose original spare parts, as we can then be sure that we are getting the right quality and that they have been tested for safety. That is the most cost-effective path for us with an appropriate ratio of price to service life. In addition to this, LEITNER ropeways’ development department enables it to offer modified versions of components. For these reasons, we see no alternative to original spare parts from the manufacturer.”

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