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CWA: Hn Thom - the worlds first 3S cabin with permanent air-conditioning

The longest ropeway in the world, which was opened on the Vietnamese island of Hn Thom on February 4, 2018, is in every respect an installation of superlatives. The VIP cabin on the 3S gondola lift is the first of its kind worldwide to provide permanent air-conditioning.

Sun Group Corporation, which is promoting the development of tourism in Vietnam with its projects, has in many respects set new benchmarks with the ropeway link between the islands Ph Quoc and Hn Thom. One particularly striking example is the luxurious and ultramodern VIP cabin. The pleasant temperature inside and the unique sense of space make the trip an unforgettable experience.

The VIP TARIS 3200 is the first 3S cabin worldwide to be equipped with permanent air-conditioning, a feature that is highly appreciated by passengers in Vietnams hot, subtropical climate. The two compact air-conditioning units have a combined cooling capacity of 7 kW and generate a total air volume flow of 1,100 cubic meters per hour. The air inside the cabin is circulated 60 times an hour. The air-conditioning can be regulated in three stages and has a selector switch for the desired temperature.

The required power is supplied by means of eight innovative carriage wheel generators from Doppelmayr, which produce a total of 4 kW at maximum rotation speed. This also provides the energy for other features incorporated in this luxurious VIP cabin: the exclusive entertainment system with sound system and two monitors, the refrigerator, a USB socket for charging smartphones, the dimmable interior LED lighting and a starry sky with integrated customer logo in the ceiling.

The entire interior has premium fittings and exclusive details throughout. The 3S VIP cabin provides space for a maximum of eight passengers, who enjoy an unforgettable ride in comfortable genuine-leather seats. The glass table with glass floor beneath gives them an unhindered view of the sea below. The real wood used in the interior with decorative detail in the finest gold leaf creates a particularly elegant ambience. The cabins mirrored window film ensures a stunning appearance on the outside.

CWA has impressively met the customers top requirements with premium-quality finish through to the smallest detail.

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