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Killington Moving Forward with South Ridge Quad Permitting Process

The new lift is scheduled to be installed this summer.

The South Ridge complex at Killington could have lift service restored as soon as next season, as a Vermont Act 250 application has been filed. The resort is requesting a "no material change" designation and a hearing later this month.

Announced as part of the two phase Bear Mountain Revitalization plan in April 2017, the $2 million dollar fixed grip quad chairlift would be a "turn key" installation. A photo of a Leitner-Poma lift terminal was included in the application, suggesting Powdr Corp. is sticking with the company that installed its Skye Peak Express Quad ten years ago.

The new lift is expected to be 3,900 feet long by 875 vertical feet with 15 towers and will use the downhill side of the previous South Ridge Triple liftline, the present day Jug trail. The previous "triangle chair," originally installed in 1977, was partially removed in 2011 "due to lift age and reliability."

The lift would be located entirely on state land.

Source: "NewEnglandSkiIndustry.com"


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