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Killington: New lifts and $16 million invested ahead of next season.

The 2018-19 season will be the season of MORE. 2018/19 enhancements include a new 6-person high-speed bubble chairlift, new lift service at South Ridge, significant upgrades to the K-1 Express Gondola, additional availability of intermediate trails, improvements to existing intermediate runs, and resort-wide infrastructure upgrades including the addition of hands-free lift access validation with RFID technology at both Killington and Pico.

“While we are committed to staying core to our beastly advanced terrain, we are also putting the focus on our blue family-friendly terrain.” says Mike Solimano, president and general manager of Killington Resort. “The investments we’re making will re-shape the guest experience for years to come. Uphill capacity will increase to 48,000 per hour and the downhill enhancements will create more diverse terrain for all levels of skiers and riders.”

Learn more with these FAQs:


What are the benefits of installing a 6-person Bubble Chair?
The bubble shield will protect skiers and riders from wind and weather as they ascend 1,100 vertical feet to the Snowdon Mountain peak. The new 6-person high-speed, bubble chairlift will have a VTFH (vertical transport feet per hour) of 1,231,263 and will have an hourly uphill capacity of 3,000.

Will the new high-speed six pack lift have the same load and unload points as the Snowdon Quad?
We expect the unload to be in the same exact location, however the load may be moved slightly. Exact details on the alignment of the lift will be released at a later time.

The Snowdon Quad has been one of the most reliable lifts during ice related weather events, what’s the plan for bad weather days in the future?
We will be building an enclosed storage barn for the chairs which will keep them out of the elements overnight which should allow us to de-ice this lift quicker than some of our other detachable lifts. The Snowdon Triple will also provide reliable lift service during icy weather.


Will the South Ridge Quad follow the same uphill and downhill lines of the old South Ridge Triple?
The South Ridge Quad will load and unload in the same locations as the old South Ridge Triple chair, however, the South Ridge Quad will not have a triangular shape and the up and downhill lines will follow the downhill line of the old lift.

Will the South Ridge Quad run every day?
We anticipate that the South Ridge Quad will operate most weekends and holiday days. We don’t anticipate running the lift during non-holiday midweek periods.

Why not have the South Ridge Quad unload at Killington Peak?
Based on the orientation of the lift, wind would prevent the lift from operating on most days if it were to unload at Killington peak.

The South Ridge Quad is the old Snowdon Quad, will there be any improvements made to the lift as it’s re-installed?
Killington has invested in numerous upgrades to the Snowdon Quad in past few years and it is in very good shape. The relocated lift will receive new hangars, grips and electrical controls.


Will the new cabins hold more people than the current cabins?
No, the new cabins will hold the same number of people as our current cabins.

What other improvements are being made to the K-1 Express Gondola?
Killington has invested in numerous upgrades to the K-1 Gondola in past few years. Ahead of next season, all cabins will be replaced with brand-new Leitner-Poma Sigma 8-person cabins which will be stored in a new cabin storage facility to improve reliability and de-icing time. The haul rope will also be replaced and improvements to the loading area are also planned.

Will the K-1 Express Gondola continue to run on Cow Power?
Yes, the lift will continue to run on electricity generated by BioGas, through a program commonly known as Cow Power as part of our commitment to POWDR’s Play Forever using renewable energy.

What will you be doing with the old gondola cabins?
The current K-1 Express Gondola cabins will be used as necessary for the Skyeship Gondola while others may be sold at a future time.


What does the implementation of RFID Gates mean?
With RFID technology, we will no longer use barcoded season passes or lift tickets. We will switch to an RFID card which will give guests hands-free lift access validation. The RFID card will be kept in a chest or sleeve pocket for the gates, no more manual barcode scanning.

Will I need a new season pass?
Yes, all season pass holders will need to obtain a new RFID card. Details on when new cards will be available and how to get them will be released at a later time.

Will RFID gates be installed at every lift?
We plan to install RFID gates at most lifts at both Killington and Pico.

Will there be a charge for an RFID card?
Details on this will be released at a later date.


Why are you bringing the Snowshed Crossover back?
With our current lift and trail configuration, accessing to the Snowshed and K-1 areas from Bear Mountain can be challenging for some guests. Re-opening the Snowshed Crossover at the Stash and Skyeburst will allow guests to use the Bear Mountain Quad and return to the Northside of the resort which is currently not possible.

Why are you building a bridge and tunnel?
The Snowshed Crossover was originally removed in order to reduce the number of trail intersections in the Bear, Skyepeak and Needles Eye areas. This resulted in improved top-to-bottom skiing and riding in these areas. Building a bridge and tunnel for the trail will allow us to have the best of both worlds, an easy way to return to the Northside and consistent, uninterrupted top to bottom skiing in these areas.


Where will the new tunnels be installed and why?
We plan to install tunnels at the following trail intersections: 

Great Northern/Bunny Buster/Mouse Trap
Great Northern/Upper Chute
Great Northern/Lower Chute

These tunnels will allow skiers on Bunny Buster and Chute to have uninterrupted top-to-bottom skiing while skiers on Great Northern will pass underneath these trails.

What about the large intersection of Great Northern, Chute, Mouse Trap, Bunny Buster and Lower Mouse Run?
We’re planning to re-route Great Northern after it passes below Upper Chute to extend out to Caper before re-joining Lower Great Northern. As part of this re-route, Caper will be widened to handle the additional traffic. This will eliminate Great Northern entering this congested intersection.

Will any trails be re-graded?
We’re planning to re-grade and widen Chute in areas to make a better and improved intermediate skiing and riding experience on this trail.


Why are you moving the Snowdon Poma to Ramshead?
The Snowdon Poma primarily services the Bunny Buster trail which is frequently closed to the general public for racing or training. We’re moving the Snowdon Poma to the Swirl Trail on Ramshead to build a dedicated race training venue. This will make Bunny Buster accessible to the general public on a much more frequent basis.

What happens to the Swirl Trail?
This trail will become a dedicated training venue for the Killington Mountain School/Killington Ski Club programs and will rarely be open to the public in the future. The Ramshead Uphill Travel route will be modified to reflect this change.


What is a Woodward WreckTangle?
A Woodward WreckTangle  and additional summer attractions will be added to the Adventure Center. The WreckTangle is an outdoor ninja obstacle challenge featuring nine different sections of unique and fun-filled obstacles to conquer including cargo nets, balance beams and rope swings.

Is anything new happening at the Mountain Bike Park?
Improvements to beginner terrain are slated athead of this summer and unveiling the newly complete Krusty Trail on Ramshead. Riders can also expect extended riding hours.

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