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Prinoth/Demaclenko: The digital transformation of ski resorts

PRINOTH and DEMACLENKO bundle their software in one platform 

When experts in snowmaking and snow-groomer specialists work together, top-of-the-line, tailor-made technologies for tomorrow’s efficient ski resorts are the result. The combination of DEMACLENKO’s Snowvisual snow-management software and PRINOTH’s Snow How software for fleet management and snow measurement provide customers with a greater technological edge in 2018. 

The futuristic appearance of DEMACLENKO’s Ventus 4.0 wasn’t the only thing to shock the snowmaking industry. In addition to its modern design, developed in partnership with internationally renowned design studio Pininfarina, it also features improved energy efficiency, reinforced snow output and particularly quiet operation. 

The development phase was preceded by intensive studies, which led to radical changes. Compared to previous models, power consumption has been markedly reduced, resulting in an energy savings of around 20% with snow output remaining the same. Maximum water throughput is around 9 l/s, while 20 Kilowatts are required for an output of 90 m3/h of snow. 

The machine is controlled by a touch display and the proven Demaclenko Control box, which is fitted with robust power electronics. Built-in WiFi capabilities also mean that the Ventus 4.0 can be easily controlled anywhere from a smartphone or tablet. 

The valve structures are directly routed to the nozzles, which results in a compact block system. In this way, the snow gun produces much less heat energy, leading to a shorter start-up process and lower energy consumption while the machine is in operation. By optimizing the nucleators and nozzles, the Ventus 4.0’s performance under marginal temperature conditions is also greatly enhanced, so that at one degree below dew point snow can be produced. 

Additional features include a built-in weather station and an LED strip that runs along the chassis. The lights add clean, sleek lines and also serve as status indicators. The fact that there are no external protruding parts makes for easy maintenance and cleaning and simultaneously gives the machine a strikingly sleek look. The sides open with quick-connect couplings for easy maintenance access. 

Finally, by adding proven silent blades and a more aerodynamic blower, it was possible to achieve low-noise operation and reduced sound frequency. Because of this, the Ventus 4.0 is also perfect for use in residential or tourist areas where it is important to maintain quiet and pleasant alpine surroundings. 

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