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LST: The SEGATE system

The SEGATE sytem (Surveillance system for safety bar on chair lift) has been designed to help people driving the lift safely. Thanks to different technologies, SEGATE warns you when loading is not correct. 

The principle is :
  • a 3-dimensions sensor controls if there is at least one person on the chair. 
  • 2- Safety bar position is checked due to a RFID antenna located at the end of the boarding process 
  • 3- Two possibilities : - Closed safety-bar triggers the green smiley - Opened safety-bar triggers red smiley and an alarm for the driver. It gives the possibility to the driver to react. 
Advantages of the device :
  • Compatible with all lifts
  • Less stress for the driver during operation time
  • User becomes an actor of his own safety 
The new SEGATE 2.0 corrects all the wickness point of the last edit, simplified interface and reliability. More than 20 lifts already equiped in France. 
A web app is available to recover the loading process data. 

Product available at LST: http://www.lst.eu/en/

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