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Pico Mountain: Capital investment for snowmaking

With $2.1 million in capital investment for snowmaking improvements announced for winter 2019/20, a My Pico Pass will provide more value than ever. Guests can look forward to a more consistent and more reliable snow surface. Pending permit approval, the $2.1 million investment will be the largest since Killington took ownership of Pico more than 20 years ago.
The highlight of the improvements is tapping into a new water source by building a 16,850 foot pipeline allowing water to be pumped from Killington, meaning we'll no longer need to rely on the streams to refill snowmaking ponds. This will give us the ability to make more snow, for longer periods of time.
Additional improvements will include the installation of more than 4,000 feet of new snowmaking pipe, the replacement of 5,418 feet of existing snowmaking pipe, and an additional water pump. Combined, these upgrades are expected to double snowmaking capacity and allow for more trails to open sooner early season and allow for faster recovery from inclement weather.

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