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Change in company management at FATZER AG Wire Ropes

On June 12, FATZER CEO Bernhard Eicher handed over the company management to his successor Dr.-Ing. Martin Bechtold.

For 40 years, Bernhard Eicher has been managing the companies FATZER AG Wire Ropes, Geobrugg AG, the Brugg Ropes Division and Fortatech AG with great business skills. His successor, Dr.-Ing. Martin Bechtold has been working at the company since 2013 as a division manager for structural ropes as well as head of technology. Thanks to his 19 years of experience in the industry, he has the necessary vision and perseverance to successfully lead another chapter in FATZER's history, both from a technical and a business management perspective.

A handshake, the oldest gesture of trust, sealed the change in management. Having a look at the new key visual of FATZER, this gesture also symbolizes the brand and the corporate philosophy of the company: reliable, strong and lasting connections. Not only in regard to "hardware" steel cables, the customer and his needs, wishes and requirements for advice and service is always at the center of FATZERís economic thinking and acting.

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