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CWSAA July 2019 Newsletter

Canada West Ski Areas Association
Highlights of this month's newsletter...

Small Areas Grant
Fall meeting Small Areas Assistance applications extended to July 30. 

Alberta Community Ski Area Best Practices
Surveys will be distributed over the next week to all Alberta Ski Areas. 

Exclusion of Liability Program
Important updates for ski areas 

New Access to Lift Courses 
Wildfire & Air Quality

Temporary Foreign Workers 
Forest and Range Practices Act 
Daylight Saving Time
CWSAA has made a submission to BCs Daylight Saving consultation. 

Construction Zones
Revelstoke Mountain Resort, Eastlink Park, Castle Mountain, and Winsport. 

Places & Faces
151/152/153 remote course, Mt Sima, Alberta legislature meetings, OSRA, Marsh Canada, CSIA, Mt Washington, Warren Sparks, Mount Seymour. 

Upcoming Events 

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