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ropeways.net | Home | 2019-08-29

MountainOffice: Connecting six resorts via remote server

The database application that provides easy organization for mountain operations.

MountainOffice has just inked a contract with the Schultz family group, www.schultz-ski.at which owns six ski resorts, eight hotels, and a golf course.

The news that is important is that this installation will be on a central remote server connected via the Internet throughout the six ski resorts. Other resorts have migrated to this type of installation as they have expanded their holdings or expanded the use of MountainOffice. The Schultz group has seen the value of having each resort manage their maintenance and parts but yet have the ability from a management perspective to oversee all the resorts as a single entity. Best of both worlds.

The configuration of the network is quite simple and does not involve much in the way of additional equipment.

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