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Construction Update at Killington and Pico

In addition to all the work our team does to keep our summer operations running smoothly, tending to our massive system of downhill mountain biking trails, daily maintenance of lifts, upkeep of Adventure Center attractions and tending to the fairways and greens of our Golf Course, we’ve had our hands full with other projects too.

This summer, we’ve been busy working on,
  • Replacing the old North Ridge Triple with a new North Ridge Quad
  • Building a new K-1 Base Lodge
  • Snow Surface Improvements
  • Woodward Mountain Parks Integration
  • Completing final tunnel/bridge  
  • Pico Snowmaking
…as we continue to improve the experience of our guests year-round.

North Ridge Quad Update:

Our new fixed-grip quad Leitner-Poma chair will be complete any day now. In fact, chairs are hanging and we have plans to load test it this week. So long as that goes well, it’ll be ready to run. 

K-1 Base Lodge Update:

The new K-1 Base Lodge is a beastly project that will be completed in two phases. This summer, we’ve begun the build starting in front of the current K-1 Base Lodge. This winter, we will continue to use the existing lodge. Come spring, we’ll knock down the current building to make way for the completion of the new K-1 Base Lodge. In fact, in the last community meeting, Mike promised a tear down party! More details to come on that in the spring. 

When finished for winter 2020/21, the new lodge will be 50% larger (going from 37,000 sq. ft. to 58,000 sq. ft.) and include a full-service bar, enhanced dining, amazing 180-views of the mountain and more. 

Snow Surface Improvements: 

We typically make improvements within the world of snowmaking every year. This summer, we installed and replaced 12,000 feet of snowmaking air and water lines, added 60 semi-automated air/water hydrants, added 120 new low-energy tower guns and 400 existing low-energy snow guns were retrofitted to improve snow quality and our ability to recover after bad weather. 

Woodward Mountain Parks Integration:

Recently announced, we’re integrating Woodward at Killington is more ways! Woodward is an experiential action sports company on a mission to inspire next generation sports experiences through intuitive programming and innovative environments. 

The Woodward experience at Killington includes Woodward Mountain Park in the winter and then, when the snow melts, guests can enjoy the Woodward WreckTangle ninja obstacle challenge.

Final Tunnel / Bridge at Great Northern and Great Bear:

Last year, we announced and began work on building tunnels to improve the flow of skier and rider traffic. Where we previously had a trail traversing across a top-to-bottom trail, we now have a tunnel to allow the skiers and riders on the primary trail to ski over the people using the tunnels to traverse.

The final tunnel has been completed at Great Northern and Great Bear. Two of the three tunnels completed last year are also on Great Northern – the other being on Bear Mountain. 

Pico Snowmaking:

Pico’s snowmaking project is another big one! So big that it’s turned into a two-phase project. This summer, we’re adding new pipeline that will bring water to Pico’s snowmaking ponds directly from Killington’s water source. Additionally, new snowmaking was added to Bushwhacker and pipe on B-Slope was replaced. 

Come spring, phase two will begin with a whole new Pico Primary Pump House being installed. All of our efforts will result in better snow quality and more reliable coverage and recovery after challenging weather. 

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