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Techical Safety BC: Passenger Ropeways Newsletter

Passenger ropeway and conveyor safety inspections

To help prepare for your next periodic inspection, our safety officers have pulled together a list of what they look for when inspecting your ropeway or conveyor.

Are you certified to train ropeway lift operators?

Did you know all lift operators and attendants must be trained by a person that has completed passenger ropeway trainers' education and has a certificate of qualification from Technical Safety BC? This is a requirement under the Elevating Devices Safety Regulation.

Sea to Sky Gondola update

The Sea to Sky Gondola is set to reopen on February 14, more than six months after the collapse of the gondola. Our incident investigation report confirmed that the haul rope was deliberately cut, resulting in approximately 30 gondola cabins falling to the ground.

Complete your passenger ropeways mechanic training now

To improve passenger ropeway mechanic training, Selkirk College, Technical Safety BC, CWSAA, AEDARSA, Alberta Safety Codes Council and many passenger ropeway operators have updated the Lift 151, 152, and 153 courses.

The field portion of the lift courses will be available to be completed over three days at the CWSAA Spring Seminar in April 2020. Our safety officers and partners from Selkirk College and AEDARSA will instruct the field portion of the training.

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