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Steepmanagement: A View from MY Window

By Bob Ackland

Uncertainty, questions and fear running through my mind, but as I look out my office window at the ski hill basking in bright sun with trails fully covered in white gleaming snow, the scene conveys reassurance that someday in the future life will resume again.† Probably not as we know it before March 15th but hopefully something better yet different.† What that will be who knows.

As ski area workers and leaders, we have all suffered and are in limbo like nothing any of us has experienced in the past.† Our predictions are just guesses.† Far be it for me to pass on advice other than what youíve already heard.† My one suggestion is to be transparent as leaders, no BS, if you donít know say so, but be reassuring that we are all in this together.

Stay healthy and think snow for next season.†

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