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Whitefish Mountain Resort: North Side Project

Whitefish Mountain Resort (WMR) has presented updated plans to the U.S. Forest Service that were previously approved in a Record of Decision signed in 1995. The Forest Service is currently determining whether these updated plans and any other changed circumstances are still within the scope and range of effects considered in the original analysis.

In light of the lack of early season snow during the 2011-2012 winter season, Whitefish Mountain Resort and the U.S. Forest Service took another look at the previously approved plans including the installation of a chair, development of additional intermediate ski runs and glading on north-facing slopes in the area currently called Stumptown and Window Pane, from the permit boundary ridge to the Goat Haunt run below Flower Point and Lodi Peak. This is an area of approximately 200 acres and is entirely within the current Permit Area.


  • Four main "groomable" intermediate runs, with minor connector routes, on north-facing terrain
  • Runs will be kept fairly narrow with tree islands and feathered edges
  • Additional named runs will help guests and ski patrol identify their location
  • New lift with vertical rise approximately 800 ft. and approximately 3,100 ft. in length
  • Will create separate north aspect pod without having to ski down Fill Slope (Ant Hill)
  • Skiing to south from Flower Point connecting to "front side" of the mountain via Russ's Street
  • Enhance the skier's experience with gladed areas

Tentative Timeline:

Forest Service analysis during the winter (2012-2013) and spring (2013)
Begin Implementation in 2013, if Forest Service determines updated plans are within the scope of the original decision


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