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mYNeige: New snowmaking equipment for Soldeu (AD)!

The ski resort of Soldeu (Andorra), member of Grandvalira, will expand the snow production capacity on its skiing terrain. The resort will particularly target the trails used for international alpine skiing races and events.

This will of the operator of Sodleu to work specifically on the trails susceptible to host alpine skiing events - (Downhill, Super G, Slalom etc. - follows the organization of several European and World competitions in recent seasons, including most recently the Lady World Cup in February 2012. Soldeu wants to have for the snow production the most efficient and best possible tool to be able to ensure this type of major events.

MYNEIGE will be responsible to conduct the works on the existing snowmaking system that are scheduled to begin this summer. The project will lead to change snow production equipment on the trail of ESPAVER that currently hosts the slalom races, which is nearby the trail of Aliga that is being remodeled also; the trail of Aliga will host in the future the Downhill and Super-G races. The trail of Aliga will also be equipped with snow production equipment.

12 Rubis Evolution R10 will be installed to replace existing snow producers. This new snowmaking equipment will help optimize the production, particularly in terms of energy consumption indeed the Rubis Evolution consumes 30 m3 / h air at maximum. The project will include also a modification of one of the existing pumping station of the installation whose capacity will be increased.

The snow production facility of Soldeu currently has nearly 530 snow producers MYNEIGE equipment; this represents 62% of the skiing terrain of the resort covered by snowmaking.


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