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The Cairo International Airport has opened the MiniMetro®, created by POMA

Built by POMA, one of the world leaders in ropeway transportation, the MiniMetro® at the Cairo International Airport has been used by travellers since May 15, 2012. This MiniMetro® is comprised of two 170-passenger trains and is the first of its kind in the Middle East. It uses the new, innovative Air Levitation technology with air cushions to comfortably travel between the three terminals at the Egyptian capital’s international airport. It will carry 8.5 million passengers per year. The contract to build the MiniMetro® was signed in March 2009 with the Egyptian Civil Aviation Ministry for a total amount of 75 million Euros (60 million Euros in construction works and 15 million Euros in operations and maintenance services).

The second largest airport in Africa after Johannesburg, with a capacity of 22 million passengers in 2013, the Cairo International Airport wanted to install an efficient connection between its three terminals, car park and shopping centre. Speed, silence, comfort and availability combined with methods respecting the environment were all basic requirements in the specifications for the construction of this MiniMetro®. After two years of work, POMA delivered an innovative MiniMetro® that is at the heart of an extensive development strategy conducted by the Cairo International Airport. The strategy includes renovating and extending the second airport terminal (TB2), adapting installations for the Airbus A380 and increasing the capacity of the cargo hub. Strategically located between Asia and Africa—on the road between the Mediterranean Basin, India and China—the Cairo International Airport’s efforts to reinforce its airport’s capacity is opening the way to greater economic development.

For Jean Souchal, POMA Chairman, this new installation takes on a whole new - meaning: “Egypt, the cradle of civilisations with exceptionally rich history and architecture, is a mix of modernity and tradition. This country has its eyes open to the world and has always been an important commercial transit area. For Poma and our partners, it is with great pride that we have participated in the development of the Cairo Airport by installing such innovative and durable equipment.”

This new equipment illustrates the expertise POMA has generated in ropeway transportation and smooth mobility. The MiniMetro® is the newest edition to the family of ropeway transport systems already installed at airports in Tokyo, Detroit, Minneapolis, Zurich and Frankfurt.
The Cairo Airport has entrusted POMA with MiniMetro® operation and maintenance services for 5 years. Twenty people were hired and trained specifically for this mission.

Testimonial from M. Hassan RASHED, Chairman of EHCAAN
The Cairo International Airport is one of the most dynamic airports in Africa, enjoying a privileged geographic location at the crossroads of Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Aware of this competitive advantage, the Cairo Airport Company (CAC) and Egyptian Holding Company for Airports and Air Navigation (EHCAAN) have spent the last few years implementing a Development Strategy which aims at significantly enhancing the travelling experience for passengers using the Cairo International Airport, providing them with high quality facilities throughout their journey. The MiniMetro® Project is the cornerstone of CAC’s strategy—propelling the Cairo International Airport into the realm of the most advanced airports in the world. By linking the different airport facilities, the MiniMetro® provides the Cairo Airport with integrated services for Parking, Travel, Transit, Shopping and Accommodations— making it a regional hub. The MiniMetro® Solution was chosen, with its Air Levitation technology, as it provides the Cairo International airport with the quality, availability, reliability and high-tech image that fits the Cairo International Airport’s upscale position. Completing the project in Egypt’s effervescent situation was a challenging task that the CAC, POMA and their partners were strongly committed to, in order to bring the MiniMetro® Project to fruition.

Hubert MAGNON-PUJO, Egis Rail Chef executive Officer
Working on the first MiniMetro® project in the Middle East & Africa has been as much apride as it has been an honour for Egis Rail, the rail and urban engineering branch of Egis. Through this Engineer contract, Egis Rail has been fortunate enough, to be able to invest itself in close relationship with the Client since the very preliminary stages of the project. We have had the opportunity to accompany and advise the Client throughout the whole project process. First, Egis Rail undertook the feasibility studies and conceptual design as well as the preliminary design and then the tendering phase for the Design Build and Operate contract which was awarded to POMA. Second, Egis Rail was then asked to supervise the whole Turnkey part of the MiniMetro® project. Egis Rail relies on an Egyptian Engineer firm for civil works aspects, NECB. All aspect of the construction has been followed from the supervision of the construction of the foundations to the close follow-up and monitoring of the transit system tests. Throughout this second phase, the human and social interactions between the Client (Cairo Airport Company), the Engineer (Egis Rail) and the Contractor (POMA) have been the key to the success of this MiniMetro® project.

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