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Pacific Northwest Ski Areas Association: New president John Gifford
The Pacific Northwest Ski Areas Association (PNSAA) Board of Directors is pleased to announce the selection of John Gifford as its new president.  Gifford will assume his duties on August 15.
“I am very pleased to announce John Gifford’s return to the PNSAA, where he served as a PNSAA board member for the past eight years,” said Dave Rathbun, chairman of the PNSAA Board of Directors and Mt. Bachelor, Inc. President and General Manager.  “John’s business acumen, his experience as a ski area general manager, his vast knowledge of the Pacific Northwest ski industry, and his relationships with the leadership at the National Ski Areas Association make him the ideal candidate for this critical leadership position.”
Gifford will be the PNSAA’s fourth president, succeeding Scott Kaden who resigned after 12 years with the Association.  Gifford spent the last 14 years at Stevens Pass Mountain Resort, serving as general manager for the past 10 years.  Gifford served on the PNSAA Board of Directors for eight years, as the Ski Washington founding president for six years, and served one year as a member of the National Ski Areas Association Board of Directors.  Gifford is a graduate of Washington State University.


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