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5th international trade show for mountain and winter technologies in China

The 2013 edition of Alpitec China, the International Trade Show for Mountain and Winter Technologies, attracts the industry's most important players to China, in order to exhibit their newest products. Alpitec China takes place together with ISPO BEIJING, international trade show for sports equipment and fashion in Asia, from 27th of February to 2nd of March 2013 at the China National Convention Center (CNCC) in the Chinese capital city.

The two shows have been merged into a single trade show to cover the full spectrum of winter sports equipment and technologies. Welcoming in 2012 over 24,500 visitors featuring more than 350 companies from over twenty countries, the double trade show has definitely gained the status of the only b2b Platform of the winter industry in China. And 98% of our visitors will visit also Alpitec China 2013.

The ideal business platform in China
The specialized trade show Alpitec China is able to attract the industry's most important players, as well as specialized visitors from the winter industry and winter sports sector, who have the possibility to conveniently gather information about the newest products and technologies and transact orders for the up coming winter season.

After the conclusion of the winter season, the double trade show offers companies an excellent opportunity to present new additions to visitors from the sector. From Wednesday, 27th February, through Saturday, 2nd of March, orders will be transacted and sector - specific information has been collected for the upcoming winter season.

Alpitec China and ISPO BEIJING represent the gateway to the Asian winter sports market, a must for all industry insiders and all those who would like to become one.


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