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TechnoAlpin: All white Down Under

In Australia and New Zealand, it's mid winter: the season is in full swing, and things seem to be going very well indeed in the southern hemisphere.

In New Zealand, the cold early-July airstreams have brought snowfalls even on the western coast, where snow is something of a rarity. Although the weather had been very unstable until a few weeks ago, the three main resorts Mount Hutt, Coronet Peak and The Remarkables have been enjoying an excellent season. Meanwhile, the conditions seem finally to have settled down, and temperatures have dropped back to around the seasonal average. After the snowfalls, the guns can now operate, at last, to apply the finishing touches to the slopes.

In Australia, on the other hand, the frequent early-season snowfalls have provided optimum skiing conditions: Falls Creek, for example, has enjoyed a dream start to winter 2012 with around 80 cm of snow by the end of June. At Perisher, the ideal atmospheric conditions make continual snow-making possible, thanks to their battery of TechnoAlpin guns, of course. Mount Hotham, too, offers excellent skiing weather.


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