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TechnoAlpin in the App Store

TechnoAlpin's new application has just been made available at the App Store.

After releasing an application to calculate the wet-bulb temperature (available from the world's most famous App Store), TechnoAlpin has now made another App available.

Even if we live in the era of globalization, we often find ourselves wrong-footed when it comes to measurements for temperature, weight, length, etc.

For example, many countries in Europe, including Italy, use the same units of measurement but the USA uses different ones. And in these cases we need to convert the measurements in order to make sense of things.

This application converts units of measurements like length, weight, temperature and volume simply and quickly.

By using TechnoAlpin's new application, you'll never be in doubt again about how to convert lengths, weights and volumes.

The conversion categories that will be included in the application are:

Pressure, temperature, volume, weight, length, flow and area.

Discover the new App from the App Store!


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