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A year synonymous with innovations for the brand FUNBELT®!

In the matter of design, FUNBELT® unveils its new elliptical gallery FUNVISIO®. A true architectural structure, the gallery enhances the ski resort in offering the possibility to take full advantage of the exceptional surroundings of the mountain landscape. The elliptical shape made entirely of aluminum and polycarbonate crystal, gives the users abundant space and excellent protection against extreme weather. The Super Lioran ski resort, the first ski resort in the Massif Central region to be equipped with the magic carpet, has already reaped the benefits from the panoramic view of this new gallery design !

On the technical side, FICAP MONTAGNE has proven its competence with the design of the loading conveyor for chairlift, FUNLOAD® for POMA, on the Telemix® des Jeux, on the slopes of the Alpe d'Huez resort. With a steady flow of 3,900 persons/hour, reliable and robust, it ensures the comfort and security of all. Thanks to the adjustable base, it facilitates the efficiency of the loading of the skiers. This technical performance is the result of a new collaboration with the designer and the French manufacturer POMA.

On the safety issue, a new patented generation of safety traps, approved by STRMTG*, lends the walkways safe and comfortable for use by all in any season. The saftey traps, PROSAFETY of FUNBELT®, significantly reduces unscheduled stoppages without putting the users in danger. It can be installed in different widths of the conveyor belt, for any speed up to 1.2 m/s, and can be fully integrated with all existing material.

On the subject of fidelity, with 15 additional installations in service at the end of the year, 2 patents deposed and 3 approved systems, FICAP MONTAGNE has obtained its « aiglon d’or » on the springboard of innovation !

*(French Technical Authority for Ski Lifts and Guided Transportation)

French designer and manufacturer of conveyor belts and carpet lifts since 1980 and boasting over 4,500 installations worldwide completed for the industrial sector, the FICAP Company is intent on pursuing its growth among the mountains. As France’s only company offering conveyor belts for skiers, the FICAP MONTAGNE entity has successfully adapted its skills and technical expertise to resolve the issue of people transport under extreme weather conditions, and to do so it has specialized in the leisure sector, focusing on the mountain side. The company’s FUNBELT brand consists of a range of reliable products which are determined and adapted according the every customer’s own constraints. The entire range meets European regulations. In addition, the engineering team regularly takes part in defining industry standards by working with the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN). The FUNBELT brand is a bespoke range of fully modular, scalable products featuring optimized, secure installations specifically suited to meet all kinds of constraints. FUNBELT by FICAP, your guarantee of a trusted name.

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