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Summit at Snoqualmie: New Quad To Replace Holiday Chair

We are incredibly excited to announce that this summer we will install a new Dopplemayr quad chairlift to replace the aging Holiday Chair at Summit Central! We plan to start construction of the new four-person lift in June and completion will be well ahead of the 2019-20 winter season.

The new fixed-grip Dopplemayr quad chairlift will feature a height-adjustable, easy loading conveyor system similar to the systems currently in use at Summit East's Rampart Chairlift and Summit West's Pacific Crest Chairlift. A height-adjustable conveyor makes loading the chair safer and easier for all skiers and snowboarders, particularly children and those new to the sport.

"Going from a two-person to four-person chair and adding the easy loading conveyor will be a true game changer for Summit Central, particularly for our first-timers and kids..." Guy Lawrence, President & General Manager.

The increased capacity of the new lift will provide ski schools and beginners at Summit Central more time on snow, and reduce time spent on the lift or in line. Naturally, that means skiers and snowboarders learning to ski will be able to progress faster and have more fun!

This new chair is part of a focused improvement plan for our learning zones at the mountain. This season, Summit West learning areas were improved through the use of specifically designed terrain to make learning to ski or snowboard much easier, and way more fun! You may have seen this special terrain late in the season on the magic carpet slopes of Summit Central.

The new Dopplemayr quad can transport up to 2,400 skiers per hour up the mountain. Not only does each chair hold two additional riders, thanks to the efficient loading conveyor system, it can also operate at a higher speed than the old chairlift.

Additional Improvements For 2019-20

In addition to the new chairlift, Summit Central's base area and plaza will get also be updated for next season. We plan to renovate the entry walkway and update all the signage around the plaza and lodges. You likely noticed the updates to Summit West already this season and we're excited to continue the project at Summit Central. It all provides more continuity, improves wayfinding, and updates the look and feel.

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