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INTERALPIN confirmed as world's leading trade fair

All key players and technology leaders in the global cable car and alpine technology industries presented their world debuts and pioneering, innovative products at the 23rd INTERALPIN 2019 in Innsbruck over the past three days. Given the high percentage of decision-makers and the internationality of the trade visitors who came here from around the world, exhibitors not only enjoyed great business success and closed many deals, tourism and the economy throughout the entire region benefited. With the Austrian Ropeway Conference, the Congress of the International Organization for Transportation by Rope (O.I.T.A.F.) and INTERALPIN INSPIRATION DAYS, the trade fair grew its global lead in this area further.

Innsbruck – The 23rd edition of INTERALPIN succeeded in consolidating its position as the leading International Trade Fair for Alpine Technologies, with roughly 29,000 trade visitors. Congress and Trade Fair Director Christian Mayerhofer, CEO of event organizer Congress Messe Innsbruck (CMI), looks back on a successful trade fair: “I am delighted that the immense internationality and quality of the trade visitors confirmed the 23rd INTERALPIN as the absolute number one among all cable car and alpine technologies trade fairs. The eyes of the global cable car industry were on the region of Innsbruck/Tirol for three days, and the region enjoyed strong tourism bookings too, as our partners from the hotel and hospitality sector report. I would like to thank the ropeway industry and all partners and supporters of INTERALPIN 2019.”

World's leading trade fair: Trade visitor quality the key

What made INTERALPIN 2019 such a success and confirmed its status as the leading International Trade Fair for Alpine Technologies was above all the high quality of the trade visitors, as an independent survey conducted at the trade fair revealed: Roughly two-thirds of the visitors were identified as top decisionmakers in the industry, and were therefore responsible for investment decisions at the stands of the 650 exhibiting companies, who came from over 50 nations.

According to the survey, the trade visitors were of such high quality because of the presence of all market-leading manufacturers on one hand, as well as the many companies that presented their innovations to  the global audience at INTERALPIN on the other. The 40 percent of trade visitors attending INTERALPIN in Innsbruck for the first time this year with their current project plans also contributed to a high footfall at the trade fair stands.

From America to Japan: Visitors from over 90 nations for the first time

INTERALPIN’s key position as a leading platform in the global cable car industry is also proven by the high level of internationality of the trade visitors. International attendees accounted for over 60 percent, and topped 90 nations for the first time. The foreign trade offices of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber alone looked after roughly 30 international, high-ranking economic delegations. INTERALPIN 2019 not only welcomed visitors from mountain destinations for winter and summer tourism, but also representatives from urban areas. INTERALPIN’s visitors came from both established core markets like North America, Scandinavia, Germany, France, Italy or Switzerland, as well as strong growth markets like China, South Korea, South America or Russia and its neighbors. The proximity to the surrounding subsidiaries of key players also meant that many used their attendance at the trade fair for excursions to production facilities or ski resorts. The CMI Press Office also accredited over one hundred international media representatives.

Leadership in the field contributed to overall satisfaction

The extent to which INTERALPIN has become intertwined with the industry since the 1970s, and incorporates the latest trends in its program at an early stage, was made clear at the start of the trade fair at the Austrian Ropeway Conference. Under the heading ‘Green Mountain’, experts from the fields of science and business discussed topical challenges. Just one day later, the Congress of the International Organization for Transportation by Rope (O.I.T.A.F) focused on commercial and legal aspects of the cable car sector. “ We succeeded in growing INTERALPIN’s leadership in the sector as the world’s leading trade fair in this edition with the new INSPIRATION DAYS,” explains INTERALPIN Project Manager Stefan Kleinlercher. The sessions on the topical issues related to digitalization, positioning and marketing were accepted immediately by roughly 500 registered participants, emphasizes Kleinlercher: “The strong interest in the INTERALPIN INSPIRATION DAYS underlined the forward thinking in the industry and encouraged us to continue to develop this format.” In total, over 90 percent of trade visitors gave the 23rd INTERALPIN 2019 top grades, as evidenced by the visitor survey. INTERALPIN 24 will take place from April 14 to 16 2021 at Messe Innsbruck.


Julia Schwärzler (Doppelmayr/Garaventa Group):
“INTERALPIN 2019 truly confirmed its status as the leading International Trade Fair for Alpine Technologies. It is the hotspot for alpine technologies and key players in the industry, and we were extremely satisfied with the 23rd edition in 2019. Why? We had positive meetings with customers from around the world and presented our many highlights and innovations. Now we expect good trade fair follow-up business, and are already looking forward to INTERALPIN 2021 – if you want to see what is new in the cable car industry, you have to come to INTERALPIN!”

Martin Leitner (Leitner Ropeways):
“INTERALPIN is the most important trade fair we have in this industry, and it exceeded all expectations this year. The quality of the visitors was very high. Most of the visitors to our stand were from ski resorts and potential ski resort operators, and came to learn about our innovations. It is the world's leading trade fair in the industry.”

Michael Peintner (Sunkid):
“For us, the trade fair is an absolute must! INTERALPIN is the clear leader among all cable car and alpine technology trade fairs worldwide, and therefore crucial to our business success. That was confirmed again this year, as the footfall of trade visitors was very high and we were able to present our global innovations to many international customers.”

Oliver Suter (Axess AG):
“We used INTERALPIN 2019 to present our new, upgraded resort solution with great success, as demonstrated by the many visitors to our stand. The outstanding quality of the visitors was particularly pleasing: Many decisionmakers and managing directors came to our trade fair stand. The result? We closed deals with new national and international customers. I would like to emphasize the hard work of the Chamber of Commerce as part of the trade fair, who looked after numerous business delegations from around the world at the trade fair. We definitely won’t run out of motivation for INTERALPIN 2021.”

Jochen Holoubek (Loop21):
“As a young, up-and-coming company, we couldn’t miss INTERALPIN 2019. The expertise of the attendees was really very high, and we were delighted to be able to advise so many visitors at our stand, and convince them with our products. The international diversity of the trade visitors was also notable. We now look forward to strong post-trade fair business, and can’t wait for INTERALPIN 2021.”

Thilo Vogelgsang (PistenBully):
“We were overwhelmed by the high quality of visitors, the high visitor footfall and the great interest in our world premieres at INTERALPIN 2019. The number of innovations presented by the exhibitors means that INTERALPIN will remain essential for the cable car and alpine technologies sectors in future.” 

Patrizia Pircher (TechnoAlpin):
“Our aim for INTERALPIN 2019 was to present our new snowmaking system and our app. The interest and quality of the trade visitors were very high and we succeeded in introducing our new products to a large, international audience. No other trade fair in the industry offers as international an audience as INTERALPIN. We always really look forward to INTERALPIN, and already can’t wait for the 2021 trade fair.”

Martin Francou (MND Group):
“It was a pleasure to attend INTERALPIN 2019 as an exhibitor. INTERALPIN is the leading trade fair in our industry and is held at the right time to meet all of our global customers. Our main goal was to premiere our new innovations. This year’s edition was a great success for us and we are looking forward to strong trade fair follow-up business. See you at INTERALPIN 2021.”

James Toal (SKIDATA):
“INTERALPIN is a highlight every two years! We meet high-quality customers here, and can show them the new solutions we have for the industry. And the 23rd INTERALPIN really was that good. That was thanks to the quantity as well as the high quality of our customer meetings. INTERALPIN definitely confirmed itself as the leading International Trade Fair for Alpine Technologies and we will certainly be back here again in 2021.”

Peter Berger (Kahlbacher Machinery):
“As a traditional Tirolean company, we returned to INTERALPIN and were able to present our young product range for ski slopes to an international audience. Visitors from all of the world – from Russia to Chile – came to our trade fair stand. Now we are looking forward to successful post-trade fair business and will almost certainly be back at INTERALPIN 2021.”

Oskar Schenk (SUPERSNOW):
“Innsbruck is the heart of the snow world, as the entire cable car and alpine technologies sector comes together at INTERALPIN. That is why it was an absolute must to present our innovations at INTERALPIN 2019. Visitor feedback from regional mountain destinations and from markets like Russia or the Asian region was highly positive, especially on our sustainable solutions. Now we are looking forward to a successful follow-up to the trade fair and look forward to the 2021 edition.”

Patrick Grand’eury (Cluster montagne)
“As the French coalition of roughly 200 suppliers in the alpine industry, it is extremely important for us to exhibit at INTERALPIN. The trade fair is attended by decision-makers and managers from all over the world, which enables us to meet key contacts here and conclude international deals. We are also particularly pleased with the good partnership of INTERALPIN with MOUNTAIN PLANET, which will take place in Grenoble next year. See you again at INTERALPIN in 2021.”

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