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Doppelmayr and UN-Habitat extend successful collaboration

Doppelmayr, the world market leader in ropeway construction, and UN-Habitat, the United Nations Human Settlements Program, agreed to extend their successful collaboration and expand their common agendas in spring 2019. The focus of the collaboration initiated in 2016 is continuous capacity building and know-how transfer in the area of transport. The wide-ranging program includes information campaigns – such as the World Urban Campaign – as well as the organization of training academies and congresses at international level.
In spring 2019, Thomas Pichler, managing director of Doppelmayr Seilbahnen GmbH, signed the agreement to extend the highly successful collaboration with UN-Habitat. The two organizations are taking another large step toward the “city of the future”, where sustainability must stand the test with infrastructure such as integrated and energy-efficient transport systems. As the global leader in the area of rope-propelled transport systems, Doppelmayr is delighted to provide its expertise and contribute to the exchange and development of new ideas.
Over the past three years of the collaboration, Doppelmayr has already joined forces with the UN organization to implement a wide range of projects and events aimed at providing an international platform for transport systems and sustainable mobility solutions. One example is the World Urban Campaign, an initiative of UN-Habitat focusing on urban agendas, where Doppelmayr, as top sponsor, provides information of urban ropeways. Another example is the Academy of Sustainable Urban Mobility, which was launched jointly by Doppelmayr and UN-Habitat. This one-week training event is held once a year and attracts a great deal of interest among representatives of city governments, transport ministries and transport authorities from around the world. The purpose, value added and, in particular, the sustainability of urban ropeways as an innovative transport solution are presented at these events. Participants work together to develop sustainable solutions to address urban transport challenges.
Working together to achieve UN goals
Rapid urbanization is leading to social and environmental changes. Population growth in the metropolises of emerging and developing countries calls for sustainable solutions. Only then will a green, livable future be possible in the world’s cities. UN-Habitat, the United Nations Human Settlements Program, engages intensively with the consequences of urbanization. The UN organization develops concepts for implementing sustainable urban development. The transport sector plays a major role in this context. One thing is certain: The future of cities is closely linked with sustainable transport. This fact is also borne out by the UN’s strategic development goals. Sustainable mobility solutions have to be intermodal, integrated, environmentally and energy-friendly – and, at the same time, accessible, safe and affordable for all users. As the world market leader in ropeway construction, Doppelmayr is well aware of the current global challenges and follows the United Nations’ appeal for sustainability. The extension of the collaboration attests to the company’s commitment in this area.

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