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Sunkid: A Breath-Taking Year-Round Tubing Park Opened in Poland

Impressive size and revolutionary route design

Poland recently gained one of the most impressive summer and winter tubing parks in the world. About three hours by car from Warsaw, the Kurza Gora skiing area offers rapid free-time fun for the entire family on a fully lit facility that makes the visitors' hearts beat faster year-round. The 120-m-long conveyor belt by Sunkid is a climbing aid that takes enthusiastic guests to the tubing tracks' starting point, no matter the season or the weather.

The innovative routing of the tubing tracks covers a total length of about 700 m. The dry slopes permit summer operation as well. Three straight routes cover 124 m each. Two tubing tracks cross in an overpass and a tunnel for a particularly spectacular experience and stunning pictures. The boldest guests and try the Tubby Jump, where they take an adventurous gigantic leap into the airbag.

This exemplary project presents and outstanding expansion of the offering of mountain railways, skiing schools, theme parks, excursion destinations and indoor parks. Year-round use and low construction costs are great advantages of the tubing facility. Adding the conveyor belt as a climbing aid, Sunkid provides a comprehensive experience for the entire family.

Fact Box:
Conveyor belt length: 120 m
Dry slopes length: 700 m
Dry slopes number: 7

Fotocredits: Sunkid, Neveplast

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