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Sunkid: Silvretta Montafon Enjoy Tranquillity and Experience Adventures

The Silvretta mountain range rises up in Western Austria. Beautiful Montafon at its base offers impressive hiking paths, small mountain villages and idyllic little spots by the water. Everyone who enjoys nature will find a perfect outdoor location here. Silvretta Montafon has come up with quite a few ideas in order to sustainably strengthen the region in the area of tourism and attract more families with children in summer. The efforts culminated in two large projects with essential involvement of Sunkid.

The Hochjoch Adventure Mountain

The Hochjoch Bahn railway leads up from Schruns, the main town in the Montafon region, towards the Kapellalpe. At an altitude of 1,850 metres, climbing trails and lake biotopes are waiting to be explored, while a good meal will be served after a cottage hike. The recently opened Hochjoch adventure mountain has added a special gem to the destination. Children's eyes sparkle as soon as they leave the gondola and spot the diverse world of adventure. The motor skills course built by Sunkid holds a central role for young adventurers, offering space to climb and balance to their hearts' content. Wobbly bricks, tree trunks and balance beams help them improve their balance, while playing equipment with ropes and nets offer climbing opportunities for young and old. Special excitement is afforded from completing the course together with siblings and friends. The individual stations have been deliberately designed for concurrent use by multiple children.

The Nova Alpine World

Let us now move southwards from the Hochjoch to visit Gaschurn, where we can enjoy the beautiful view during the ride of approx. 10 minutes as the Versettla Bahn takes us to the mountain station. Once there, the Nova Alpine World has an informative world of experience in store. The vegetation on the mountain is quite different from that in our own gardens. There's plenty to learn about animals, too. The Sunkid wooden marble race dedicated entirely to sheep playfully teaches users about what the wool of Montafon Steinschaf sheep is used for. The marble race supplements information with the greatest of fun for families and children! The marbles branded with the destination's logo also make great souvenirs from a beautiful holiday that remind everyone of how much they want to revisit this location once back at home. Selling these marbles has already more than paid off the investment economically after a very short period in operation.

The implementation

Sunkid convinced by a smooth handling of the project. The individual products have been tailor-made according to the customer's wishes. The constructions are made of robust, natural larch wood, which makes them very durable. All project steps, from the inquiry to the planning to the finished implementation, are carried out in-house, therefore the project could be realized within a short time. In general, Sunkid products come with high standards, so that the acceptance by the civil engineer was problem-free and defect-free.

Photo credits: Silvretta Montafon Stefan Kothner

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