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Leitner: Individuality is the new ropeway standard

The new advertising campaign highlights the versatile design options of ropeway installations.

Customers demand tailor-made products and the ropeway industry is no exception. Precisely such customized products are among LEITNER ropeways’ greatest strengths. The company provides customers with a wide range of configurations to select from. This versatility is now the subject of the advertising campaign "Customization is part of our standards." The campaign highlights the unique adaptability of ropeways, which are flexible and configurable in terms of appearance, performance, choice of materials or equipment.

Individuality is the new ropeway standard

LEITNER ropeways’ customers demand individual design and flexibility. The company caters to these demand by offering a wide range of individually adaptable products.

The Premium Chair EVO, the unique Luxury Cabin Symphony 10, the Premium Cabin Diamond EVO and the various configurations of the LEITNER DirectDrive system all come in countless set-ups.

When it comes to dimensions, design and comfort, enjoy maximum freedom

The Premium Chair EVO alone boasts over 180 different configuration options, including customized selection of upholstery, colour scheme, design and footrest. The modular designs of both the Symphony 10 Luxury Cabin and the Diamond EVO Cabin allow you to select the length, width and height that’s right for you. Moreover, the impressive flexibility of LEITNER products is not limited to the chairs and cabins: The DirectDrive system is also designed to meet a wide range of individual requirements.

Tailor-made ropeway technology for special conditions

The wide range of design options is especially advantageous for projects that involve unusual conditions. High Alpine terrain or sensitive natural areas require special solutions, as highlighted by examples from Zermatt, Bavaria and the Dolomites.

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