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In 2010 Sugarloaf released the Sugarloaf 2020 Road Map – an envisioning document that outlined our map for investments in the coming decade. Ten years later, much of that vision has been realized. Over 600 acres of new terrain in Brackett Basin and Burnt Mountain offer skiers and riders an unparalleled resort experience, including New England’s only true cat skiing operation. New restaurants have opened, others have been updated, numerous improvements have been made to our village, and community partnerships have led to new development and growth. But we’re far from done. As this decade ends, we look ahead to the next 10 years. Investments in technology, terrain, and infrastructure will take the Sugarloaf experience to new heights, while the same guiding principles we outlined ten years ago will ensure that the core intangibles that make Sugarloaf unique remain unchanged. This is Sugarloaf 2030.

On-Mountain Experience: Lifts, Terrain, and Snowmaking

Above all, Sugarloaf is about the skiing and riding first. The incredible terrain provides an unmatched skiing and riding experience, and our investments will seek to enhance this, with game-changing upgrades to our snowmaking system that will more than double current capacity and improve efficiency, new trails that will access previously undeveloped areas, and transformational lift upgrades that will help skiers and riders get up the mountain faster, more comfortably, and more reliably than ever before.

Resort Enhancement: Upgrades in the Village and Beyond

In addition to the on-mountain experience, we will invest in off-mountain amenities and new technology that will improve the overall experience for guests visiting Sugarloaf. New dual frequency RFID technology will provide a seamless direct-to-lift experience, new parking areas will improve guest flow and provide safer parking options on the busiest days. A new spa in the hotel will offer comfort and relaxation at the day’s end, and possible restaurant upgrades will add to resort dining offerings.

Next Generation: Creating new Sugarloafers

Throughout its history, Sugarloaf has been sustained by the generations of families who make this their playground. We will invest in projects that enhance our offerings for the youngest Sugarloafers and their families, including new beginner and intermediate terrain on West Mountain, a new tubing park, and an updated, comprehensive Children’s Center.

Year-Round Vitality: Summer Destination

Sugarloaf was built by Winter, but our ability to thrive as a year-round destination will allow us to continue as an economic driver for our region. We will invest in projects that enhance our year-round viability, including lift-serviced mountain biking, expanded wedding venues, and continued real estate developments that will allow our community to grow and thrive.

Sustainability: Carbon neutral by 2030

As we map out the next decade, our commitment to sustainability is stronger than ever. We'll always consider the next generation of Sugarloafers with every upgrade we make, which means doing our part to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible. Throughout the next decade we will work with all of Boyne Resorts toward a goal of a net-zero carbon footprint by 2030.

Coming Summer 2020

West Mountain Expansion 

In what will be the most transformative project at Sugarloaf since the installation of the SuperQuad, more than 450 acres on West Mountain will be developed with a new high speed lift, new trails with snowmaking, a tubing park, lift-serviced mountain bike trail network, and residential real estate.

The new lift will transport skiers and riders from West Mountain Road up to Bullwinkle’s, and will be accompanied by significant new trail development and snowmaking infrastructure. This development will expand Sugarloaf’s beginner and intermediate terrain, and will greatly alleviate traffic congestion at the SuperQuad by shifting significant numbers of riders to this new area. Several options are being considered for size and type of lift for this location, with lift construction expected to begin in the summer of 2021. 

This project will also see the development of 75 new residential real estate lots, adding badly needed real estate inventory and building new families of Sugarloafers. 

In addition, this project will be transformative for summer business. New lift-serviced mountain biking trails will be built on West Mountain, and the lift will allow summer guests to ride to Bullwinkle’s, opening the venue up to summer business including weddings and conferences.

The West Mountain expansion project begins in summer 2020 with the completion of initial designs, permitting, and the first stages of trail cutting. Lift installation is expected to begin in the summer of 2021.

Sugarloaf Mountain Hotel Spa

The Sugarloaf Mountain hotel will see construction of a new 4600 square foot spa, which will provide hotel guests with a full suite of spa services. The new spa will elevate the Sugarloaf Mountain Hotel experience, and make the property more appealing to wedding and conference guests.

RFID Ticketing

Summer 2020 will see the installation of a new dual-frequency RFID ticketing system at Sugarloaf – a transformational change that will improve traffic flow and guest experience. RFID gates utilize a radio frequency chip inside the pass and ticket media, allowing the gate to recognize whether a pass is valid or invalid for a given day. The RFID tickets are reloadable online, allowing guests to skip the ticket line altogether and head directly to the lift, reducing time spent in line and increasing time spent on snow.

Caribou Pond Dam

In the summer of 2020 Sugarloaf will construct a new dam on Caribou Pond, which is the headwater of the Carrabassett River – Sugarloaf’s water source for its snowmaking system. The dam will allow Sugarloaf to regulate the flow of the river and maintain a consistent amount of water. This will serve as the first major step in a multi-year project to completely overhaul Sugarloaf’s entire snowmaking infrastructure and more than double its pumping capacity, pushing the resort closer to its goal of covering all snowmaking trails before Christmas each year. In addition, Sugarloaf will invest in HKD KLIK hydrants – the first step toward snowmaking automation.

West Mountain Expansion Phases II-III
New lift installed
Trail design and cutting
New snowmaking installed
8-12 lane tube park constructed
Mountain bike park trail design development
Bullwinkle's renovation
Residential real estate development
Snowmaking Overhaul Phase II

Phase II of our snowmaking system overhaul will see construction of a new pumphouse and a new booster pump at mid-mountain, which will roughly double the amount of water we are able to pump up the mountain. A reconfiguration of the air and water lines on the mountain will improved the efficiency of the system and better enable us to make snow in numerous locations across the mountain at one time. Continued investment in new hydrants and guns will move us further toward system automation.

Timberline Replacement & Upgrade

As our signature summit-access lift, Timberline is a crucial piece of the on-mountain experience. In the coming years, we'll look to replace and upgrade Timberline, extending the bottom terminal down to Bullwinkle's and paving the way for a year-round summit experience offering. 

Double Runner Replacement & Upgrade

Double Runner is centrally located and is a crucial lift for our ski school programs. Over the next few years, we will look to replace and upgrade Double Runner with a higher capacity lift. 

New Children's Center

The next generation of Sugarloafers is here, and we're working to make their experience the best it can be. We'll expand and improve the Children's Center, with a focus on learning, fun, and Sugarloaf spirit. 

Race Training Surface Lift

To be built in partnership with Carrabassett Valley Academy, a new surface lift will facilitate training for alpine athletes on Narrow Gauge and Competition Hill. 

Snowmaking at the Outdoor Center

Working in partnership with the Town of Carrabassett Valley, we will install a snowmaking system at the Sugarloaf Outdoor Center to create a world class Nordic racing facility.

9-Hole Short Course

In partnership with the Town of Carrabassett Valley, we will look to construct a 9-hole Short Course at the Sugarloaf Golf Club. 

Hotel and Village Expansion

As we map out the future of Sugarloaf, the Village and Hotel will be considered for a number of upgrades and possible expansion.


SuperQuad Lift Replacement & Upgrade

The SuperQuad is Sugarloaf's busiest lift and will be replaced and upgraded with a higher capacity, state-of-the-art lift. 

King Pine Lift Replacement & Upgrade

The King Pine lift will be replaced and upgraded, with a new alignment that will provide better protection against the wind and improved reliability.

Summit Building Transformation

The summit building is one of Sugarloaf's most visible features, and transforming the building in a way that will provide a unique, year-round summit experience will be a priority in the next decade. 

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