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The startup from Tyrol, Bobsla GmbH is developing electric vehicle for races on snow.

These races have started in Obergurgl already in the last winter, enjoying guests of Festkogelalm with safe and awesome entertainment. Obergurgl Bergbahnen could offer more fun on snow to their guests. Even non-skiers could have entertainment there, similar to go-kart but on snow, without noise and pollution.

Pandemic crisis affected Bobsla GmbH as well. They could not come to Prowinter to Bolzano, where Bobsla has won free booth with getting Audience Award in 2019. They could not participate in Mentelity Games in Switzerland the even for disabled skiers and snowboarders in Saas-Grund. Bobsla could not come with delegation of Austrian companies to Grenoble.

But something was done! Just in few days before closing all borders, Bobsla could come to Scandinavia, where e-vehicle got a lot of interest. Plus, they could test in different temperatures, on different snow. On ski resort in Saariselka, as well as with providers of snowmobile safaris. These countries have tremendous experience in snowmobiling, and they have found Tyrolean electric snow vehicle a very cool!
Bobsla started in Tyrol but certainly will go outside of Austrian borders. In April Swiss resort Sportbahnen Kerenzerberg GmbH signed and paid the order for 5 Bobsla vehicles. This place is already known for sledding, now they add new electric sledding, that will expands the group of guests and will help returning guests who are doubt of travel in current time.

Bobsla keeps development and promises further news about vehicles itself. It keeps going!

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