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2020 Jim Marshall Award

Rob McSkimming

Each year, CWSAA recognizes an outstanding leader with the Jim Marshall Leadership Award.  This year the Board of Directors is proud to present Mr. Rob McSkimming with this distinction.

When advised of the award, Rob was incredibly overwhelmed: 

"It makes me realize how lucky I have been - I have worked in a fantastic industry during the best of the times with so many incredible people.  These crazy times only serve to accentuate this appreciation. When I look back on the past Jim Marshall Award recipients, I am truly humbled to have my name in the same company."

The recipient of the Jim Marshall Leadership Award is recognized for their exceptional skills and dedication to their chosen profession and has made meaningful contribution to the sport of recreational skiing.

This award was created by Rab and Olive Marshall from a trust in memory of Jim Marshall, who did not live long enough to give back to recreational skiing and the joy he experienced in the sport. 

Rob McSkimming: 2020 Jim Marshall Award Recipient 

In the late 1990’s Rob McSkimming had a vision to use lifts for mountain biking. This concept was virtually unknown at the time but he was able to convince Whistler Blackcomb to support this concept.

His commitment and dedication and vision in the product resulted in Whistler Blackcomb being recognized as the world leader in Bike Park facilities. More importantly the success of the Whistler Mountain Bike Park raised interest in mountain biking North America wide, including CWSAA member resorts.

Lift accessed mountain biking grew by leaps and bounds as Rob continued to innovate the sport. This is one of many examples of Rob’s ability to dream, plan and execute big ideas. Rob is one of those visionary leaders and that is why Rob has a loyal team that loves to work for him.  Rob built a strong team and was a mentor to many - building and developing the park, evolving trail design to create the first machine built jump trail, A-LINE. Like everything that Rob does, he never stops at one success, but to look for options to drive the success further.

Rob was instrumental in the creation and development of Crankworx, the world’s largest mountain bike festival. Starting from a multi-day festival in Whistler and growing it to a multi-stop world tour. Through his experience in events, Rob took on the rebirth of the World Ski & Snowboard Festival. He brought the “Saudan Couloir Extreme Race” back to lineup, an event that brought Olympic Ski racers, professional freeskiers, and locals out of the woodwork to participate in a legendary race.

As director of the Snow School, Rob worked with Bart Barczynski to create Never Ever Days at Whistler Blackcomb. An idea so absurd, but one that Rob believed in; to offer a weekend of free lift, lesson, rental packages to hundreds of beginner skiers and riders. An opportunity to grow the sport and to create lifelong skiers & riders. Whistler Blackcomb continues to offer NED, which has also been picked up nationally.

After 38 years at Whistler Blackcomb, Rob McSkimming has retired from his position as Vice President of Business Development. Less than 60 days after retirement, Rob donned the Whistler Blackcomb Snow School uniform to teach the Prime Minister and his family through the holidays, continuing to share his passion for the sport.

Recently Rob began a new project - development solutions and project management for the leisure and entertainment industry.

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